Person having Goals in life or big ambitions in life but not having a positive attitude towards it can never achieve it. But if only He/she achieves it would not be able to create a bigger impact in a society and would be called more of a selfish being.

Positivity doesn’t means just accepting the good side of your personality and at the same time degrading or not accepting the week or bad side. It’s in the both ways, means one should not only have positive attitude in building the good side stronger but also be positive in accepting and improving the week or bad side of her/her personality.

Same goes with the society, if there is any bad ritual or custom is present than by having a positive attitude one can change that norms. Because by positivity one mind can work in a more proper way and can think in a thoughtful manner. Negativity not only deprives one from many successes in life but creates a lifetime fear for many things like fear of failures, fear of interaction, fear of public speaking etc.

Positivity can be achieved by many ways. Different people have different ways to opt it. One of the ways to be positive is by staying happy. A contented and a happy mind can safe one from many failures in life. Happiness is not just one state of emotion but it is that feeling that creates positive vibes that can help you what decisions and step one should take in order to overcome the failure and how to be safe from further life failures. This all can be done by staying happy and accepting the wrong side of the situation and by being positive in learning from the failures. Therefore, Happiness empowers your mind towards positivity that leads to the success of many things and the most important success that one can surely attain from being happy is the success of having a contented life.

I remember how much I was negative about myself regarding job interviews. Last week, at Amal academy when Mock Interviews were arranged for Amal fellows it was really a quite challenging activity for me. As, I told my sister to skip that session of Mock Interviews only because of having negative feelings and the fear that was aroused in my mind that what questions will be asked or if the interviewer will be not friendly or supportive or what reaction will be if I made any wrong statement in flow of talk etc. I have been in interviews before and had the same feeling that I was having that day. Eventually I decided to attend the session as I realized that if I will not attend this Interview practice session than my fear for interviews will grow more and what will happen if I have to go for a real interview in future. This positive attitude only came to my mind because of the happiness that I have attained and learning that I have gained from the previous Amal sessions. The happiness of mind eventually created a sense of positivity that by attending this Mock Interview I will not only overcome the negativity towards job interviews but will also learns many things that can help me in leading towards success for a dream job and a success of being positive through happiness.

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