The world is constantly changing. That change is not only limited to new technology or to new inventions but the change is spread in such a vast range that to describe it in one word is of a big task. I believe that there is nothing permanent in this world except change, which remain with us through out our life. Mostly people are afraid of instant change but if we look into the dept of things we’ll realize that man is the one who is the cause of all this changes weather in the positive manner or in a negative way. The Efforts, The Actions, The Attitude of making the future better than the past, all these leads us towards the change within which we are living today.

We know that a positive action is liked by everyone. An action that is beneficial to an individual or may be to a whole community is appreciable in all aspects. But taking a huge action towards changing the thinking, mindset of the whole nation and making them believe that considering other people needs, their wants etc, that leads to humanity is the best way of implementing a positive change in the world. Individuals taking such actions are exemplary and are born leaders that eventually not only remain in the minds of people but stays in their heart and initiates them to take humane actions to create a better world.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of them, A humanitarian whose life is full with all such examples. A person who took an action that was not limited to his own life but went beyond and still prevails in serving the humanity even after his death. He taught us that life is nothing but a collection of all those actions that we take. His life fully defines the concept of change, that how by taking a large number of small actions can make a big change in your life, in your society, or in your country etc.

The best part of his life that interests me very much is his teenage life. This part of life is a part when your mind is very much keen about the world and wants to know every aspect of it. It’s a part of life where you are excited to know that what life is all about. Its a base of your whole life, when you come to know about many things. Edhi sahab’s curiosity to know about life and eagerness to know what I would be in life, relates to my life to much. That how the word “What will I be” kept on striking his mind and was of his foremost concerns to know about. He was so much eager to know about it that he even locked himself in the bathroom and stays there to just be himself and concentrates on what should he be doing in his whole life. Also the way he takes advice of his parents and how he implies them in his life. During teenage times, Parents are like the first teachers from whom we learn things, there advice are like the only hope to guide us from the wrong doings. Edhi’s parents had a big role behind the Edhi’s philanthropist mind. That how in that age by selling pencils and match boxes in streets he makes a decision to give half of his earning to the poor. And also having questions like, “How and what would I do for them?” kept on appearing. And whose answers were changing and growing in his mind, “I will built hospitals, make a factory to train and employ the poor, and built a village for the handicapped.” Also he thought that his plan were small they seemed to big for his size. But the advice of his parents that, “Start small”, in order to begin something, instilled in him and lead him to become one of the best philanthropist. The exertion that Edhi sahab took in reading the story of revolutionary personalities in order to make his life goals more clear and to know more about life purpose that “ Why have I been sent here?” is itself an action towards knowing your own soul. This reflects as a mirror towards my life when I felt depressed at a point and found myself in an empty space,of no where to go. My parents advice and reading of inspirational stories makes me feel that how blessed I am and how I can play a part in other people’s life for their betterment.

“No labor is an insult, the lowest form is dignified and worthy of respect. Start from the lowest rung”, Also “It is important to think without limitations. Confining ideas stunt potential”, is the advice that Edhi’s father gave to Edhi and he kept them close to his heart and insinuate them in his life. This advice relates to the advice that my father give to me and created a great significance in my life. Edhi’s idea of simplicity towards life that, “Simplicity is the only beneficial way of life” relates to the message that depicts from my mother’s life that she never gave importance to worldly things and help others openly. The selling of pencils and match boxes by Edhi sahab makes me remember my first selling of clothes to customers, keeping in mind that no work is of lowest rank. Doing business is the most challenging thing in this world but it’s the best way to explore the world and to meet people with different mindset. Selling clothes was very difficult eventually, as I sold them to people whom I know through references. This small action which I and my sister took was quite challenging but quite experiencing at the same time, the purpose of it was to have a more close insight in the business world. Learning of customers needs, interacting with different personalities was quite experimenting and experiencing. As, Edhi sahab taught us of not to remain shy and believe in your small learning and actions is the best way of creating a better place for yourself in this world. Therefore, my next step towards new beginning will always begin from small actions that will enlighten me towards the real meaning of life.

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