Smooth sea never made a skilled sailor — but it invites you to rest

“Smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

We all know that brainy quote. It reminds us that we all need challenges in our lives to grow, to mature, to become wiser, more resilient and compassionate.

The Buddhist teacher Tenzin Palmo once said in a talk, that training our mind is not so much different from training a muscle. Muscles grow when they have to work out, when there is a resistance, a countermovement, a weight that gets lifted and moved by the muscle. Than the muscle grows stronger. It doesn’t grow by not being used.

A resilient mind is developed in the same manner: resilience doesn’t grow from staying in your comfort zone. It grows by stepping out of our comfort zone, by leaving the Known and walking into the Unknown – with a straight, firm back and a gentle, soft and open front, able to receive whatever awaits us. Sometimes we have no choice: we get thrown out of the comfort zone and have to just do it.

So yes: smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. But smooth sea is an essential part of the whole trip of sailing around the world. It makes the whole experience complete.

Just like muscles need to rest after being challenged to grow from a workout, your mind needs to rest in order to grow more resilient.

Smooth sea invites you, the sailor on the ocean of life, to rest in the moment, to give up control.

It invites you to drop your desire for „goal achievement“. It stops you in your tracks, just like as if the universe is saying: „Nope. You stop now. Deal with it.“

And how hard it is for people to sit back and be alone with themselves! With nothing to do, nobody to take care of, nobody to save, no distraction, no next project, no goal that can be achieved. Horrible! How uncomfortable human beings are feeling nowadays when they can’t distract themselves.

And isn’t this the actual substantial challenge that humanity is facing today?

To face and deal with the ever growing distraction of our minds, the growing inability to be alone, sit back and rest in the given moment, with nothing to do, no reward other then just being alive (an amazing “achievement” and miracle by the way!), being without social media and a smartphone?

Smooth sea invites you to be receptive, open and vulnerable. It tells you:

„Relax. Nothing is under control. Be patient.“

It invites you to just flow with the events, as they are taking place. To be in the moment. It offers you the opportunity to see way beyond your goals. It offers you to arrive in this very moment, where all goals are already completely achieved, once you allow yourself to open and rest and to let got of anything.

Enjoy the smooth sea. Don’t fight it. Instead sit back and relax. Look at the beauty and the mystery of this life.

The next storm is coming anyway, doesn’t it?

So safe the energy.