You wanna be happy? Than stop chasing it.

Nowadays the word “happiness” is so overemphasized. Whole generations are on the hunt for happiness. It’s so silly and leads straight to suffering. It’s like chasing a phantom.

Am I happy? Truly, I don’t know and I couldn’t care less… because it doesn’t matter actually. We are feeling what we are feeling. Happiness comes and goes. Sadness comes… and goes. That’s it.

Why do we check ourselves all the time? You know what? Go Fuck Your Selfie. You are not a stupid selfie. You are much much more than that. Are you aware of that? Open your eyes and see… look around and look inside yourself. Its vast and wide, isn’t it? Where does happiness come from and where does it go? Who are you? Trust me, def not your selfie. That would be so sad.

There is something bigger and wider, that never comes and goes. It appears all by itself when you stop chasing happiness and running away from whatever you wanna avoid feeling. Don’t chase happiness with thinking about tomorrow and the next thing. A better thing. Instead just be. And be you. Be real. Just look! Happiness is not so important. You only cause yourself stress with the chasing of it. Why would you make yourself a slave of such an idea? Chasing a phantom.

Instead… when you stop chasing, something suddenly appears without you even doing something. One of its qualities can be described as joy.

This morning I stepped out of my balcony and suddenly I saw this small violett flower that just popped up out of nowhere. It wasn’t open yesterday. The second I saw that, joy just appeared all by itself. Because it is always here.

Just let it in. Connect with it.

It’s knocking all the time…

Mu Bul is a Zen teacher (Senior Dharma Teacher/ Kwan Um Zen tradition) and Asthanga Yoga practitioner. Also working as life and career coach focusing on unlocking your potential with meditation and mindfulness training for greater focus, resilience and stress reduction.