Why Autumn Cleaning is the New Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is for many of us a yearly ritual, which, after a long winter spent indoors, helps us feel fresh and ready for the new mood that springtime brings. However, is spring the best season to conduct your major de-clutter? More people are beginning to see the value of a top-to-toe autumn clean as well, in order to feel the benefits of a fresh and tidy space in the colder weather, when time spent indoors is prolonged.

How Can I Benefit From An Autumn Clean?

Boosting Your Health — Environmental health research shows that people who shut their windows in the colder weather and rely on their central heating, reduce the air circulation in their home. This creates a moist, damp environment, leading to an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. All the accumulated dust and dirt from windows being opened in spring and summer, will additionally become trapped during these months. As we usually spend more time indoors in these colder seasons, the air quality can become up to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

A thorough autumn ‘spring clean’ then, is as important ahead of the winter months, to decrease health risks caused by these contaminants.

Avoid Springtime Pests — With the warmer weather and fresh breeze it’s nice to leave windows open when cleaning in spring. This does make it easier for pollen, insects or other debris to settle inside, which will be less of an issue with your autumn clean up. More dirt is likely to be tracked through your home during the spring and summer months as well, so doing your major clean after this time will mean that your house will stay cleaner for longer.

Improving Your Mentality — Clutter has an impact on us mentally; we like to have control over our environments and use them to express who we are. An unclean and disorganised space can therefore contribute to higher levels of stress, as people may feel as though they have less control over aspects of their lives. Having an autumn clear out can really help you feel productive and more relaxed in a de-cluttered environment.

Enjoy the Holidays — Christmas time is for many a special occasion, often with more people around the house. Getting a large part of the cleaning done in autumn, will keep you from rushing before guests arrive, leaving you to enjoy time spent for the celebrations. If you’re too busy for a thorough cleaning before Christmas, investing in a professional cleaning service can allow you to prepare, without losing quality time that can be instead spent with family and friends.

Make the Most of Spring — Spring is a great time of the year to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air after being cooped up indoors in winter, so why stay inside cleaning? Doing the big clear out and clean in autumn will let you make the most of the much needed change in weather and time you can spend on outdoor activities.

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