Iran Is Too Much of a Mess to Acquire Russian Weaponry
War Is Boring

Point taken is that the US Military Industrial Complex still prefers a ‘deal’ qith the Iranian Mullahs because “ Nominally, Iran is ruled by a popularly-elected government and parliament” a status the main US ally Saudi Arabia has not achieved. More over “and because the IRGC’s current priority is saving Assad’s dictatorship in Syria — an order for Su-30s is presently unlikely” is much neater than the use of US weapons to destroy Yemeni civilian infrastructure which has opened the US ro accusations of complicity in a war that should never have been started except to satisfy the sectarian motives of the aggressors.

That makes Iran a MESS the US would have preferred to deal wit than their current main regional ally who rule by hereditary rights and does not condone even the malformed democracy that the Iranians somehow have contrived and sustained against all odds.

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