Yeshua bin Miriam

SO, if we live in a post-truth world, then The Gospels are just your opinion. Jesus Christ was actually just the code name for Yeshua bin Miriam, the son of a Nazarene Tekton who left home as a teenager and migrated to Persia where he found work and companionship with the Jews of Babylon, still quite numerous centuries after the Exile. He became a soldier in the Parthian Army, then deserted and joined one of several groups of Jewish bandits who would raid Roman settlements and sink back into Parthian territory. In Persia, he was exposed to the cult of Mithra and became a devotee. The Judaism of his youth and his band of irregulars blended with the Mithraic mysteries. After 18 years of this life, he got word his father was sick and he returned to Nazareth. His first public appearance was at Cana, where he brought several casks of fine Shirazi wine for a wedding party of his childhood friend. In Galilee, he saw the injustice of the Roman occupation and the treachery of the Judeans who collaborated with Rome. He decided to wage guerrilla war against Rome, using a strategy devised from his 18 years in Persia and exposure to steppe and Chinese war fighting tactics and strategy. His uprising was a combination of 奇 and 正, a good news of peace and non-violence, mixed bizarrely with a battle screech of war and destruction. Why cannot the Sons of Light be as cunning as the Sons of Darkness? He was betrayed by an informer, a close associate from his childhood, Judas the Knifewielder. He was captured by the Romans and executed outside Jerusalem like the common bandit he was.

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