5 things you HAVE to do in Freo!

#1 South Beach!

Alright, so the picture says it all, no need for extra comments!

Of course, I am kidding! This beautiful and clean beach can be reached really easily from the city-center! There is even a free bus (free CAT bus)going there every 15 minutes! Please make sure you bring something to grill and have a “Barby” on South Beach! Like everywhere in Australia, free public barbecues are available any time of the day! It’s the perfect place to chill, tan, eat and remember why you came to OZ in the first place!

#2 Fremantle Market

No hipster city is complete without a great market! The building hosting this daily market was built in 1902 and completely restored in 1975 and it is now part of the Western Australian Heritage list! There are hundreds of stalls where you can buy almost anything!

#3 Restaurants and ALL-DAY Brekkie! (Breakfast)

Fremantle has so much to offer when it comes to food! Because of it’s big concentration of expats, international food is quite good in many restaurants! This being said, one of the best way to experience Australian food is the all-day breakfast!! What is better then eating breakfast for diner? I honestly don’t know! Please stay tuned because in the next weeks I will write an article only on the restaurants to try in Freo!

#4 Little Creatures Brewery

Fremantle is home to one of Australia’s biggest brewery! It is possible to visit the brewery without booking (unless you are a big group!). Besides their beers, they also sell some bistro-like food! If you prefer drinking a beer in a smaller, more-laid back environment, Little Creatures Next Door is where you should go! (It’s literally next door!) Also, the brewery organises free bike tours of the city!!

Beers and views! Best combo, no?

#5 Western Australia Maritime Museum

This huge museum has a permanent collection as well as different events all year round. It’s educational but fun approach makes it a great activity for all ages! This is a great way to learn more about the Indian Ocean and Fremantle in general! Plus, it can also be easily reached with the Free bus! ;)

To conclude, this is just some of the main attractions of the city! For further info, the tourist info website if really helpful ; http://www.visitfremantle.com.au/Home

Next week, we will take a look at the surroundings of Freo! Thank you for reading!