Living the good life — Down under!

The other day, I was reading my couchsurfing profile (which has not been updated since 2013) and thought to myself how happy I was when I initially wrote it! Let’s face it, there is quite a lot to be happy about at 21 years old (no hangovers, perfect boobs; You name it!!) but this was different! Obviously, I had just started discovering what the world could offer me; it was an exciting time! In fact, I had just spent a year travelling literally down under.

Our backyard → South Beach, Fremantle (This was before the box of wine! — Called “goon” in OZ)

When writing a blog, we say to express a life changing experience; something that has allowed us to challenge ourselves, our culture and our knowledge. And knowing perfectly how cheesy I sound at this very moment, those times were that for me.

Just so you guys know… this was after the “Goon” :P

Let me explain, I come from Montreal, Canada. Yes, the place where we play Ice hockey and King of the mountain until adulthood, makes igloos and snow houses to keep warm and even eat maple syrup off a stick once it has solidified onto snow. Moving to Western Australia was big for me.

In the next couple of articles, I will describe different aspects of my personal favorite Western Australian city; Fremantle! This laid-back, work-orientated and very welcoming city was the best possible place to start my career as a backpacker!

Freo (slang word for Fremantle) has thought me one very important backpacker’s rule; we always, no matter what, help each other out! This made me fall in love with tourism. (After four years of wondering around the planet, I figured studying Tourism Management would be a good idea!) Now, I would like to inform as many potential travellers, of the beauty of both the landscapes and the people of this city! The next articles will express all there is to know when travelling in Fremantle and the surrounding area! See you guys soon!