Improving on new ideas

The last two to three years I have been busy improving on existing ideas in different areas; gaming, events & some other ideas. Not all of these ideas are going to be successful, but all of them will teach me something in some way. On some I will be spending more time than on others, but this is okay as all ideas will add to my learning experience.

If there’s something I’ve learned over the last few years it is that every single hour you spent on your passions will eventually lead to something good. For example, organizing Startup Weekend Eindhoven 2014 really taught me about the amazing startup-culture Eindhoven has to offer and the amazing people that make it up.

Then, there is the example of ZuydLAN, where I am actually learning more and more about managing a close-knit group of people with a passion. It also is a great lesson in improving on an existing idea and helping other people realize their potential. Not that I’m forgetting about TiMeS LAN, but they more or less keep going no matter what happens.

Last but not least, I have been building, critizing, rebuilding and rethinking an idea together with Mark, which has taught me a lot about what I want and how to incorporate these things into an idea together with another like-minded individual.

So, if you want to learn anything from the above, then keep this in mind: Follow your passions, as for every hour you spend on them you learn something valuable.

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