New year, new beginnings?

’Tis the time of year to think back at 2016 and get some ridiculous new years resolutions that you will never keep for 2017. Let me start by saying I will become more mature and start being more serious in 2017.

Ha! This is ridiculous as I am currently 26 years old, living in a city by myself and have been working at a respectable company for 2 years. For all intents and purposes, I can be seen as “mature” and “serious”. So why did I put this new years resolution in this blog? Is it just to demonstrate how inherently ridiculous the concept of good intentions for a new year is?

Perhaps I meant to do a bit of both; 2017 will be the year I am planning to be more serious and start working on some ideas I’ve had for several years. Also, together with some friends we are starting to plan more serious holidays and trips. But, to demonstrate how ridiculous the concept is: why would we need a new year to make these promises to ourselves? We ought to be able to do this during the year as well.

There is some kind of beautiful simplicity in promising to yourself that you will be doing things differently in the next year. However, let’s make sure we don’t need it in the future by making this new years resolution: *I want to become more critical of myself and want to check continously if I’m doing what I want to do (and thinking of long-term as well).*

Now, we never need to make new years resolutions anymore (as long as we keep this one, that is).

Happy holidays!

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