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Issue 54

Web designer Paul Anthony Webb can’t let go of a good domain name — even if he’s not quite sure what to do with it yet.

Issue 53

Blue Water Mortgage was a successful New England mortgage company that found itself in the midst of a changing market. With the rise of email marketing, it became easier for competitors to go after Blue Water’s customers directly, and to send them regular offers for refinancing options, lower rates, and other mortgage and banking services.

Blue Water recognized the danger of their message getting lost in this influx. To make sure that didn’t happen, they chose to partner with the digital agency Vital.

According to Doug Ridley, director of consulting at Vital, it was a classic case of poor communication.

Issue 52

You don’t have to work at an agency for very long to figure out that experimentation makes clients nervous. And can you blame them? Who wants to pay money to fool around with untested strategies? You hire an agency for its expertise.

Of course, this puts agencies in something of a bind. How do you test new tactics or ideas without risking client cash — or the relationship? For digital marketing agency Vital, the answer is pretty simple.

“We’re the guinea pigs,” says Doug Ridley, director of consulting. …

Issue 51

When Zac Gregg and Julia Ahumada launched the digital agency Vital in 2001, their focus was branding, print advertising and collateral, and web design. But ten years later, Vital found itself at a crossroads.

Issue 50

Milestones are always a good time to pause and reflect. So for our 50th issue, we called a few of the folks who’ve graced this space in past issues and talked to them about what they’ve been working on, what they’ve learned, and what else we can learn from them.

Here are the highlights.

Olivia Hutto

The Sweet Spot Between Freelancer and Agency

If designer Olivia Hutto’s name seems only half familiar, that’s because the last time we spoke she went by Sarah — a name, it turns out, that she shares with a lot of people.

“This year at Hubnet I…

Issue 49

In our last issue, Digital Impulse’s Andrew Kolidas and Chapin Bennett showed us how they overcame one of email marketing’s most persistent challenges: list-building. Through the tactical use of sweepstakes campaigns promoted via social media, Digital Impulse has helped clients successfully grow their subscriber lists — and increase their revenue.

One shining example of this strategy’s success is OOFOS footwear. “At this point we’ve run 5 or 6 campaigns for them, and we’ve grown their subscriber list from 18,000 to about 100,000 now,” Bennett says.

In addition to a sweepstakes entry, new subscribers also automatically receive a coupon. The idea…

Issue 48

Since the dawn of email marketing, one question has hounded agencies and businesses alike more than any other: How do you grow an email list?

Issue 47

Andrew Kolidas, Digital Impulse CEO and co-founder

The Riverworks Building in Watertown, Massachusetts, traces its history back to the first mills along the Charles River. Today, the building, a meandering complex of old brick and new wood, is illuminated by sunlight from the windowed courtyards. Modern design flourishes abound, but there’s no mistaking its age. This makes it an oddly appropriate home for the web design and digital marketing agency Digital Impulse.

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We’re excited to announce that we recently launched MailChimp’s Learning Resources page. Our new education hub includes a wealth of marketing knowledge for MailChimp customers and anyone else interested in sharpening their business skills.

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