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If you’re like us and interested in getting more done, more quickly, without waste, and without stepping away, then knowing just how to send a fax from your browser is a huge step. Today we’ll compare various services for sending faxes online, what they are good for, and how to get started. A spreadsheet with more detail is here.

  1. eFax: the grandaddy of them all. Send and receive faxes online for $16.95/month.
  2. GotFreeFax: Single page app that lets you send faxes for $0.98 for 10 pages, and cheaper from there.
  3. FaxZero: Send faxes online for $1.99 per page. You can also send faxes for free with FaxZero branding on your cover page.
  4. Scrypt: The only service we encountered that was truly built for enterprise, with HIPAA compliant faxing. Subscription pricing starting at $9/month.
  5. SmartFax: At $6.95 for up to 250 pages each month, Smartfax had the cheapest monthly subscription that wasn’t free, and comes with a 30 day free trial and international faxing available as a feature.
  6. MyFax: Send (up to 100 pages) and receive (up to 200 pages) of faxes for $10/month.
  7. BitCoinFax: Send and receive faxes, anywhere in the world, with very well enumerated prices. The only service that allows you pay with bitcoin (prices are quoted in dollars though)
  8. TinyFax: The only iPhone app based faxing service we encountered. Also integrates nicely with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Starting at $0.60 a page.
  9. Faxy: Send a fax for $15/page and receive faxes for $1/week. Novel blended pricing that doesn’t constrain your receive volume.
  10. FaxRobot: The cheapest and simplest per page faxing service we encountered, at $0.06/page.
  11. HelloFax: A faxing, e-sign and document management suite with a free tier (5 pages per month), and subscriptions ranging from $9 — $39.99.
Screencaps for a few of the services being compared here!