Apparently I’m a stooge of the Israeli government
Owen Jones

Respectfully, how are you able to boycott the SWP for their known improprieties but not the Tory party or the JLM for theirs? Is that not a massive double standard?

It’s not an opinion that JLM have actively sought to manufacture false allegations of anti-Semitism against Corbyn supporting colleagues as part of the various Blairite coups to oust him. It’s no secret or conspiracy theory that it is in the state of Israel’s interests to see people like Corbyn undermined in this way. I presumably don’t need to go in to the Tory parties many amoral leanings.

How are these any less deplorable actions than those of the SWP? Why does one deserve a boycott and the others not? Are you disputing the evidence against the JLM?

Because if not, and if you are a true supporter of Palestinian justice as you say you are, surely it would be more effective to take a principled public stance on it, rather than risk being associated with it. Am I missing something?