Introducing Santa and Grizzlei, our behind-the-scenes team!

Witness the #NEXTLEVEL of it all.

Good Afternoon, Main Menu Community! As you may or may not know, we, Main Menu, have a huge obsession with goldfish. I know, it might be hard to believe, but those little guys are what give us the motivation to come out of the gates, day in and day out, to provide the highest levels of quality to our extended Main Menu community.

But for those days when goldfish aren’t enough, we have an amazing group of internal Main Menu members that have helped us develop new overlays, take charge of our team’s social media account, reach out to game developers to help make connections for future events, and, well… in all honesty, they embody everything those lovely goldfish have done for us thus far.

So let’s introduce them!

Main Menu is proud to (finally) announce two of our hardest working, internal members: Santa and Grizzlei!

Santa, when he’s not busy delivering presents to children around the world, is our Main Menu Engineer. Working hard to develop overlays, item trackers, and donation notifiers for our broadcasters, Santa has been assisting the team since the early months of 2014, with his most notable contributions being his website development for Kasper and Friends 3rd Annual Quest for the Cause last December. Without his hard work on our hosted charity event, it never would have been as successful as it was (and all of this just days before Christmas Eve? The man is a miracle worker).

As much as Richard wouldn’t want us to admit publicly, the real reason he was invited to the team was so that we would have access to his most valued asset in the broadcasting world: Grizzlei! With very humble beginnings in the world of broadcasting, Grizzlei has quickly become one of the most valued resources for both Richard_Hammer and the Isaac community in general. Despite her disdain for a certain member of Main Menu (and, in particular, the one writing this welcome post), she has graciously accepted the role of being Main Menu’s Broadcaster Development Manager, assisting in game developer connections/relations, social media outlets, and making sure to keep Richard at bay whenever he gets out of hand. ❤

Little do you realize how #NEXTLEVEL the bowl on the right is. Get in it.

We have been very fortunate to have both Santa and Grizzlei as part of our internal affairs for Main Menu — they are the oil that keeps this machine running (or the water that keeps the goldfish swimming!) so make sure to show them both some love on Twitter (and whenever you see them in our chatrooms):


And, as always, make sure to spread that love to the rest of the broadcasting team:


With Main Menu’s recent acquisitions of a chef, a pet tiger, Santa, and a Grizzly Bear, who knows what could be around the corner for the premiere broadcasting team on Twitch? I guess time will only tell…