Racing for Change

Good afternoon, Main Menu Community!

Remember back to your middle school science class, when you were first taught about chemical reactions? And, being the awesome teachers that you most definitely had, they decided to do a live demonstration using Diet Coke and Mentos to put on display what chemical reactions can cause?

Explosions. Next Level Explosions.

So why use such a weird analogy to start off this announcement? Well, we like to equate the following announcement to explosions: a next level explosion caused by the clash of some of the premiere broadcasters (and broadcasting teams) on Twitch.

At PAX East 2015, two teams were shouted out as being exemplary examples of what teams are capable of on the Twitch Broadcasting Platform — and one of those teams was us. So how could we possibly live up to the hype of such a statement?

By doing an event together.

Main Menu is proud to announce their first charity effort of 2015: Racing for Change. In collaboration with The Wobblers and Wigglers, Racing for Change is a 45 hour charity event to raise money for GameChanger, an organization that focuses on paying hospital bills for children with cancer and other rare diseases.

The Wobblers are a mixture of some of the most notable variety gaming and speedrunners on Twitch. From Borderlands to Destiny, I Wanna Be the Boshy to Super Monkey Ball, they are the premiere broadcasting team for speedrunning and variety entertainment.

The Wigglers are an aspiring broadcasting team consisting of notable speedrunners and variety entertainment broadcasters themselves! From Horror Games and Heart Monitors to Multi-Character Isaac Speedruns, when it comes to broadcasting teams, The Wigglers are on the right path to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Starting on Thursday, April 30th at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern and going for 45 hours straight, the event will be split into three hour blocks where groups of two, one from each team — The Wobblers/Wigglers and Main Menu members — will race in a game of their choice on their respective channels, all while doing various donation incentives in order to raise over $30,000 for charity.

For a list of all the broadcasters participating in the event, as well as the schedule for who’s casting when (and with whom) check out our events page:

And make sure to show some love to all of the broadcasting teams involved:

Main Menu:
The Wobblers:
The Wigglers:

This collaboration between Main Menu, The Wobblers and Wigglers is not only a chance to raise money for charity, but is a true demonstration of what broadcasting teams are capable of on Twitch — to be able to do an inter-team event is one thing, but to collaborate between multiple teams to pull off an event like this is the definition of next level.

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