Welcoming IronChefBobbyFlail to Main Menu!

Good Morning, Main Menu community!

Here at Main Menu, we’ve had the pleasure of adding some fantastic broadcasters to our family over the past couple of months. In every case, we have added a broadcaster to our streaming roster that had established themselves within the various broadcasting communities in a way that made them shine. They’ve all had qualities about them that aligned with the ideals of Main Menu and what we’re trying to accomplish: the reshaping of what it means to be a broadcasting team on Twitch, doing awesome things, and being badasses while doing it.

But we realize that while a lot of our broadcasters have some type of foothold in the broadcasting world, we very much value the future of broadcasting and how it will be shaped in the upcoming months, years, and (hopefully) decades to come.

The following Main Menu broadcaster announcement is a true example of this: an emerging broadcaster with all the potential in the world, that shares all of the ideals of Main Menu and, quite honestly, is already looking badass while doing their own thing.

Main Menu is proud to announce our 14th broadcasting member: IronChefBobbyFlail!

Bobby is one of the most charismatic individuals you will ever meet. Currently doing both Morning and Evening broadcasts, Bobby finds a way to be energetic, engaging, entertaining, and an all-around badass every single time you see him (we’re not sure how he accomplishes this day-in and day-out… we assume he’s closely related to the Energizer Bunny… has an IV of coffee strapped to both his arms… or both).

Taking the variety entertainment approach, Bobby is seen playing anything and everything you can think of: from recent titles such as Dying Light and Hand of Fate, to streaming classics like Darksiders and I Wanna Be The Boshy, you might come for the game choice — but you’ll likely stay for the absolutely intoxicating personality this man has.

Make sure to catch IronChefBobbyFlail every morning starting at 5am Pacific / 8am Eastern and again at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern and see how much brighter your day/night gets!

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/IronChefBobbyFlail
Twitter: http://twitter.com/IronChefBob

And, as always, show your love to the entire Main Menu broadcasting team — now 14 members strong!

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/team/MainMenu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/MainMenuLive

We see so much potential in Bobby and what he has accomplished thus far — and we cannot wait to see what he can do flying the much deserved Main Menu banner on his channel soon. ❤

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