Welcoming ProtonJon and Lucahjin to Main Menu!

It’s been a quiet year for Main Menu… well, at least, by our standards.

We started off the year by welcoming General_Mittenz to our broadcasting roster as a way of re-dedicating to the community we once lost connection with back in 2017. His personal love for the Twitch community was unmatched by those gunning for one of our open spots on the roster and his wisdom in the content creation field has helped our team shape towards what promises to be a great 2nd half of 2018 (and beyond).

We then set our sights on #StJudePLAYLIVE — as fellow Main Menu member MegKaylee and Team Sin Squad challenged us to friendly game of “Who can fundraise more for charity?” We… won’t talk about who stomped who in the end… But collectively raising $238,000 for the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is something we can all be super proud of ♥

But May wasn’t all about our charity endeavors — May also marked the start of our recruitment process for the final 2 spots in our broadcasting roster. We promised the Main Menu community that 2018 would be the completion of our rebuilding process and establishing a roster you could be proud of once more.

We hope this final recruitment post is the icing on that long-awaited cake ♥

Main Menu is excited to announce the addition of ProtonJon and lucahjin to our active broadcasting roster!

These two are definitely no strangers to content creation. With nearly 20 years of experience combined and an incredibly loyal fan base, Jon and Lucah have spent the past decade building an impressive resume of achievements accomplished, milestones demolished, conventions attended, and bathrooms they’ve… pooped in?

…We’ll get to that later.

But for those that don’t know…

Let’s start with Jon:

“I’m excited to be a part of a team with so many other great streamers, a number of whom I’ve known for quite a while. I’m looking forward to working together with everyone to make Main Menu one of the best teams on Twitch and/or to shitpost every single ‘The Lonely Man’ meme.”
— ProtonJon

ProtonJon has been making online content since 2007, starting on Google Video (We didn’t even know that was a thing…), but has been streaming on Twitch since 2012. He is a variety streamer who has streamed everything from classic Atari to modern AAA titles and everything in between.

Jon is best known for allowing his community to choose what he plays on a weekly basis. With over 6400 games in his collection, Jon brings a heavy focus on physical retro and modern games with a variety stream that’s controlled by his chat — how cool is that?!

Jon’s achievement list is impressive — as he outlines some of his proudest moments for us:

  • Raising over $110,000 for Direct Relief via The Runaway Guys Colosseum (May 2018)
  • Getting Pong in the Top 10 Most Viewed Games on Twitch (even if only for a few minutes)
  • Pretty much any other time we manage to get an incredibly stupid game high up in the Most Viewed list on Twitch
  • Convincing people that they actually want to watch me play said stupid games
  • Convincing Lucahjin to get engaged to me, despite the former points

This year, Jon wants to make some serious moves with his content and hit new highs, while “still entertaining everyone with the vast amounts of stupidity my content produces” — it was right around this quote where we knew Jon would be a perfect fit for our team ♥

As a member of The Runaway Guys, Jon’s personal YouTube content has taken a backseat over the past couple of years — but you can catch him live Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights at https://twitch.tv/ProtonJon

“I can’t wait for them to ban me for all the FFXIV smut I post in their discord“ — Lucahjin

And then we have the ever-so-lovely Lucahjin joining our broadcasting roster as well ♥ (She gets a heart in this announcement because she hasn’t posted any FFXIV smut in our discord… yet.)

“I began streaming in the way back days of ustream and justin.tv and a lot of people still haven’t recovered from it. After my YouTube channel grew and Twitch was formed, I decided to bring my branding over there and see what kind of trouble I could get into” — Lucahjin

Oh and the trouble she has found since then…

But joking (and slight seriousness) aside, Lucahjin is an incredible content creator with one of the most supportive communities we’ve ever seen. When asked about her content, she decided to let her community answer the question:

…So basically, what you see is what you get from her.

If the community testimonials didn’t sum her up, when asked about her achievements she’s been proud of, this is what she provided:

  • As of 2017, I have eaten every single item on the US Taco Bell menu
  • I have been banned from justin.tv twice
  • I have pooped in Game Grumps studio bathroom (it was a really nice bathroom)
  • Looking forward to 2018, I hope to eat every single item on the Canadian Taco Bell menu — and to not get banned from Twitch ^_^

We really hope the last one stays true… because it’s not every day that you get to recruit the literal Taco Bell Queen to your broadcasting roster.

A true veteran of content creation, we do hope that aside from the memes and Final Fantasy shitposting, Lucah will bring her positive vibes and fun-loving community along for the ride ♥

While daily YouTube content is still her main focus, which you can catch at https://youtube.com/user/lucahjin, you can also find her live every Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes during the weekend) at https://twitch.tv/lucahjins

As a recap, make sure you follow Jon and Lucah on all of the following platforms:

Jon’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Proton_Jon
Jon’s Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/protonjon
Jon’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ProtonJonSA
TheRunawayGuys: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRunawayGuys

Lucahjin’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lucahjin
Lucahjin’s Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lucahjins
Lucahjin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lucahjin

And make sure to drop the entire team a follow as our 10 person active broadcasting roster is now complete!
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/team/mainmenu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MainMenuLive

With the addition of Jon and Lucah to our broadcasting roster, we are officially closing our doors as we begin to focus on the content you came to know and love from all of us at Main Menu ♥ With Quest for the Cause around the corner and the return of our podcast shortly after, Main Menu is, once again, aiming to be your premiere source for high quality content and entertainment on Twitch (and YouTube).

Watch out, 2018.
We’re back. ♥