A Word of Vigilance

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At MainStreetGov, we have no doubt that malicious agents — willing and able to commit a crime, and undeterred by the prospect of violating a host of Constitutionally bestowed rights — can do a whole bunch of wrong things to our website, and, as a result, do a whole bunch of wrong things to the votes cast on it by American citizens nationwide, if they wanted to. But, if they did try anything bad, they would do so at their own peril. For there shall most certainly be consequences to those malicious agents, their supervisors, and the agency heads who oversee the entire lot, when (and not if) we uncover the electronic attack.

At its basest, an electronic attack on Main Street Gov risks a public backlash against both the agents’ employer and any internet companies complicit in the fraud — web hosting services and email carriers, among them. Any offensive — no matter how subtle or sophisticated — will, we assure you, not stay identity-hidden for long. (Count on whistleblowers coming out of the shadows after the Economic Party, and the criminologists who helped found it, alight in force in the election cycles leading to the midterms in 2018, and the General in 2020.)

Voting online for legislative ideas at Main Street Gov goes hand-in-hand with voting at the ballot box, at either a Midterm Election or a General Election — thus, any assault upon that online voter protocol constitutes blatant voter disenfranchisement. Messing with voters is a serious thing. Were it to come out — by our revelation, or our supporters, or the next Ed Snowden — there’d be a price to pay. The most lenient price to pay, we leave to the droves of new voters who’d flock to our fold in 2017 in reaction to the assault. The least lenient price to pay, we leave to the prosecutors who founded the Economic Party.

That said, we have no doubt that the thought — of taking a go at our internet presence, and plan — will still cross their mind. The answer to “how?” has innumerable permutations and combinations to it. They can, for example, “clone” our website, and suborn its associated uniform resource locator, to have you think it’s our website — when it is indeed our url, and it is indeed our domain name, but it is categorically NOT our website.

Why clone our website? To character-assassinate us in the hearts and minds of prospective voters with stuff we never said — nasty things — put up on that clone. That’s why. They could, for example, put up counterfeit Bill-Requests on that clone, certain to alienate voters. They could make the Voting Forms so cumbersome and onerous, so intrusive and personal (such as: tell us your Social Security number), that no one votes on that clone.

The list to potential subversions by our political enemies is long and arduous. And, thus, online voting will (in short order) be aligned and balanced with accompaniments, like the Mobile Voting Stations, or MV’s, detailed under the link: The Votes At Work: ANNA.

In direct response to the NSA-led Five Eyes Alliance’s prescription to apply the “4 D’s” of “Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, Deceive” to attack politically ‘problematic’ websites (considered ‘disruptive’ to business-as-usual, and ‘unsettling’ to the Establishment), Main Street Gov has initiated a number of countermeasures: We’ve begun to notify — and at specific intervals continue to update — certain Members of Congress who we know to be sympathetic, or expect to be sympathetic to our cause, of the possibility of such attacks. We’ve notified — and at specific intervals continue to update — certain Constitutional lawyers and institutional defenders of Constitutional Rights, as well. A physical copy of this website’s content, in its original and intended form, including one transcribed to paper in ink, with authentication denominators embedded in the document, has been provided (with periodic updates) to select individuals on our notification/update list. All who are on that notification/update list have been asked to NOT direct ANY traffic (even their own) to the website until we green-light them to do so, for reasons that’ll self-clarify as 2017 rolls in and a very unusual campaign begins.

If, for example, a clone is ever positioned against us, anywhere on the world wide web, anywhere geographically, our proof validating the attack will be nothing short of conclusive. An orchestrated effort to pinpoint the source of the attack, would then follow naturally.

With all that said, again we would like to remind everyone that:

We are a peaceful law-abiding movement. Thus, if you see anything on MainStreetGov.com, or in our publications on Medium.com, that is inconsistent with that, or if you read anything that is discriminatory, offensive to another on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender-identity, or disability, or if you encounter profanities or obscenities anywhere in our written word — which we’ve kept clean, albeit in cutting English — know this: you could be looking at a CLONE of our website, put up by malicious agents, visible to you where you are but invisible to us where we are, despite the same URL appearing at the top of your and our screens, except the body-double you’re looking at will be a mutation, with stuff said on it that we never ever said.

Now for 2 seemingly disparate but interrelated items:

1. From the files of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group or JTRIG…

(Source: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations by Glenn Greenwald for FirstLook.org)

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to … manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable … Consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), [etc].

Main Street Gov here: We wonder why JTRIG didn’t add localized electromagnetic pulse attacks, on their targets’ physical locations, to that arsenal. Of course, E.M.P. guns (that fry software and hardware) are hard to come by, unless you’re ‘up there’ — so perhaps that explains why.

And, now, for the second of the 2 seemingly disparate but interrelated items:

2. A background to an infamous old memo that read: “Kill him dead”

The Savings & Loan Crisis was a financial crisis that entailed the failure of over a 1000 of the nation’s 3000+ savings and loan institutions, or S&L’s, between 1986 and 1995.

The root cause for the great many failures was not theoretical, surreal, or abstract by any measure — just as the managements of the megabanks on Wall were cooking the books in the run-up to the financial crisis of 2008 (and continue to do so in its aftermath, in a run-up to the next financial crisis), the officers of those S&Ls were also cooking the books back then, in an accounting fraud that Dr. William K. Black, a professor of law now and an S&L regulator back then, has defined as “control fraud”, wherein bank CEO’s and their underlings were not just complicit in the fraud, but actively engaged in it, to maximize their executive compensation, while keeping the fraudulent operation running for as long as they could, before it finally ran itself into the ground under the weight of its bogus bookkeeping.

After the S&L crisis, Bill Black and other committed regulators, a dying (if not near-extinct breed nowadays), would go on to generate over 30,000 criminal referrals, and would eventually secure more than 1,000 felony convictions, dispatching the most politically-connected bankers at the time, like Charles H. Keating, to prison.

Per Bill Moyers Journal: During the savings and loan crisis, it was Black who accused then House Speaker Jim Wright and five U.S. Senators … of doing favors for the S&L’s in exchange for contributions and other perks. The Senators got off with a slap on the wrist, but so enraged was one of those bankers, Charles Keating, [that] he sent a memo [which] read in part “get Black — kill him dead!”

The National Security Agency’s international partners are Agency equivalents in Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Labeled “Top Secret” before Ed Snowden made it the news equivalent of open-source, JTRIG would also have this to say… (again, hat-tip to Glenn Greenwald, via The Intercept)…

To Discredit a Company … Post Negative Information on Appropriate Forums, Stop Deals, Ruin Business Relationships … [It’s all about] Using Online Techniques to Make Something Happen in the Real or Cyber World … [And, if at all necessary] “To Discredit a Target … Set Up a Honey-Trap”

Imagine that! An intelligence agency of a global superpower, outside of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the U.S.S.R.), setting up honey-traps to “discredit” a person who may very well be nothing more than a lawful political opponent or a potent critic.

Fellow Americans, in some quarters, and in many respects, Main Street Gov is going up against a mega-monied metastatic beast. Unable to attack the message, it will resort to attacking the messenger. Expect the messenger to be dragged through the mud, and worse, just for starters. We wouldn’t be surprised to see recorded video, photographs, and conversations (of the messenger) altered, doctored, and deployed to embarrass. Think they haven’t figured out how to electronically simulate, duplicate and replicate your voice, to have it say anything they want you to say, no matter how fringe or incendiary?

We wouldn’t be surprised to see writings, emails, communications in general (of the messenger) altered and doctored to “discredit” the messenger and besmirch its character. Presstitutes in the media will help. Some — and we know who they are — will practically fall over each other to assist.

When that fails, which it inevitably will, expect ‘the powers that be’ to up the ante, and reach for ways to stop the message or, better yet, stop the messenger.

Intel agencies have been known to plant child porn on target computers. Intel agencies have been known to take remote control of target vehicles and veer cars off cliffs.

But worry not about that — because we are not alone. Behind us, there are others.

We are a peaceful law-abiding movement. We seek Renaissance — not Revolution. We seek Votes — not Vendetta. To us, V is for Victory.

Still, unable to subvert the integrity of the message, they will look to subvert the integrity of the messenger. So don’t fall for it.

To remember: Former Director of the National Security Agency, former Chief of the Central Security Service (yes, such a post exists in America although it sounds straight out of Bulgaria), and former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command under Barack Obama, General Keith Alexander, has teamed up with former Secretary of Homeland Security under George Bush, Michael Chertoff, to push for the creation of a Joint Cyber War Council of sorts, that partners the U.S. Government and Wall Street, to include representation by the National Security Agency, Homeland Security, the Treasury, and presumably the Federal Reserve, in a partnership and alliance with the Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association, or SIFMA, to conduct cyber warfare against any “terrorist” looking to endanger the smooth ebb and flow of financial markets. We have a bit of advice for this Cyber War Council:

Break-up the so-called GSIB’s (or Global Systemically Important Banks) on Wall Street, so that they no longer pose a threat to the well-being of Main Street, and the smooth ebb and flow of financial markets will never be endangered.

Anyway, since we’re MainStreetGov.com, look for Keith & Mike to register the domain WallStreetGov.com to spark their initiative.

Never forget: Creations like IronNet CyberSecurity Inc — also started by General Alexander as a consulting firm to Wall Street, that was initially pitched to bankers at an asking price of $1 million a month for its consulting services — are busy building the newest and undoubtedly most pernicious revolving door in Washington DC. (As for why it is the most pernicious, consider for example this: IronNet was, as of the original date of this writing, staffed part-time by an active full-time officer in charge of the NSA, that being its Chief Technical Officer, Patrick Dowd.)

But, while DC’s most intriguing revolving door, connecting the nation’s national security apparatus (and its generals) to bankers on Wall is now official, let it not concern you too much — because, while it sounds ominous, it is in fact Washington DC’s most vulnerable revolving door. Its hinges, you’ll soon see, are not made of iron, but clay.

A Warning Issued with Economic Party Authority:

Although the Economic Party and Main Street Gov remain separate physical and financial entities, an attack upon Main Street Gov or any of its affiliates, including affiliated persons and/or websites, shall be construed as no less than an attack upon the Economic Party itself, and — in January 2021, when we will inaugurate a President from the Economic Party, and find in the Justice Department an Attorney General from our Party, and find in the National Security Agency a Director from our Party — the bearers of any fingerprints left by such an attack, and to whomever they lead, can rest assured of a merciless prosecution, to the fullest extent of the law.

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America's voting platform for the future. @mainstreetgov

America's voting platform for the future. @mainstreetgov