Audit the New York Fed & Probe the IMF

To inspect the banker-led New York Fed and its int’l partner for bank bailouts, the IMF, and to examine all their agents & proxies.

(Note: underlined words/phrases correspond to links.)

The following is a continuation of the reasoning & rationale for the Bill-Request begun at Main Street Gov, summarized here.

There was a time when a visit to the website of the New York Fed, used to bring up this warm and cuddly message:

And it got us thinking how funny it was to see the NY Fed talking about criminal prosecution considering Wall Street’s biggest bankers rule the Board of Directors at the NY Fed and none of them were ever criminally prosecuted for the many hundreds of criminal infractions that could be documented against them, settled for punitive fines only, that the banks (and not the bankers) paid, including violations of the law as serious as laundering money for the most notorious drug cartels and their drug lords, and facilitating wire transfers for state sponsors of terror.

Matter of fact, as liquid funding for the biggest banks ran dry in the run-up to the 2008 Financial Crisis — “Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade,” said Antonio Maria Costa, then head of the United Nations office on drugs and crime, adding “There were signs that some banks were rescued that way.” (Cool, nothing like turning to a life of crime to rescue oneself, and then have to turn to the taxpayer also, as the life of crime doesn’t pay enough for the rescue.)

To slide down into the slithery realm of the NY Fed and its underbelly, notice first that its web address has .org and not .gov at the end of it. Thus, it is a quasi private entity able to dole out the public money — privately. Exempt from freedom of information disclosures to the public unlike its parent in Washington DC, the NY Fed, manager of market operations of the entire US Federal Reserve System, is in so many ways Xe Services LLC for the DC Fed, or Blackwater to the military.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is undoubtedly one of the most important institutions in America that most Americans know nothing about. However, both the Economic Party and Main Street Gov believe it is one of the most important institutions in America that Americans must know everything about.

Why? Because it is both Santa Claus and Emergency Room to the megabanks. It is the New York Fed at 33 Liberty that does just about everything for Wall Street, while swearing through its mouthpiece in Washington DC that it’s all being done for the benefit of Main Street — which is about as credible as North Korea calling itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The roster of private shareholders who own the NY Fed is guarded, but one thing’s for sure, a good number of them are sure to be the same dudes who took the bailouts to re-fly their private jets, and perhaps even refurbish their offices with $35,000 commodes like Merrill Lynch CEO and former Goldman Sachs President John Thain did in late 2008 after finding a load of taxpayer money in the pipeline to exhume his company.

Besides owning the joint, they also run the joint — the last Chairman of NY Fed (Stephen Friedman) was a perfectly planted Goldman Sachs guy, and the current president (Bill Dudley) is a neatly trimmed Goldman plant as well.

Plus, they get to regulate themselves, supervise themselves, and control themselves … that is, if they want to. But, in case they don’t want to, they’ve got enough taxpayer dollars at their disposal to dig themselves out of any rut they’re in, no matter how wide the chasm or how deep the crater gets.

Think we shouldn’t be peeling back the covers on a cabal like this?

Of course we must, and while we’re at it, let’s also dig into the doings of the International Monetary Fund, whose purpose (that’s been hidden from the public) is delineated HERE.



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Main Street Gov

America's voting platform for the future. @mainstreetgov