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Jan 8, 2018 · 3 min read

The Oath of Office

How about we demand the following “Oath” of all our candidates for Congress, and expect the same of all our sitting members of Congress as well. And why not add Presidents and presidential candidates to that equation, as well!

I hereby affirm that:

Since the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was just 37 pages long and was, at that length, long enough to prevent a severe banking crisis from happening for 75 years, I will vote against any bill that’s longer than 37 pages.

Since bills start out at X pages long when signed into law, and then become 5X pages long (full of holes and loopholes) and sometimes end up at 20X pages long (hollowed by craters a mile wide), I will vote against any legislation that is not a finished product.

I will also vote against any bill made unnecessarily convoluted, meaning: it contains stuff unrelated to what the bill was titled. I will vote against any bill made overly complicated, meaning: it contains legalese I cannot wrap my head or any head around. I will vote against any bill made into an extending labyrinth, meaning: it cross-references other bills to such an extent that the cross-referencing gets gut-wrenching.

I will reject any bill that attaches matters of secrecy or national security to material the public has a right to see. The People have a right to know what laws we lawmakers impose on them.

I will either personally read each bill I vote Yea on, or be advised by trusted advisers of every material component in each bill I vote Yea for, because I will not vote Yea unless I can submit that my knowledge of what’s in the bill is comprehensive and complete. I will communicate the logic for my yea or nay vote with my electorate, and communicate likewise with voters-at-large when the bill is of national scope and scale.

A Party “Whip” may order that all who vote for a bill, vote the Party line. Order all you want, I’ll reply, for I will vote my conscience every time, and never shy away from casting a vote that goes against the Party line. I will remind the Speaker, the Majority Leader, or anyone else acting as enforcer, that my allegiance to the People not just exceeds but supersedes my loyalty to Party.

I will vote against any bill that raises members of Congress above the laws enforced upon ordinary citizens, including those pesky insider trading rules that lawmakers always seem to find a way around.

Absent divestiture by the invested beneficiaries, I will vote against any legislation that benefits businesses in which legislators, their relatives, their associates, or their donors, are invested.

I will demand annual full disclosure of gains to income and net worth of members of Congress, and also demand that those gains be quantified exactly, meaning: I will reject any representation made in broad dollar terms, such as $1 million-to-$5 million, because there is no need for mile-wide, range-bound disclosures, unless there’s something to hide.

I will report to the Justice Department anything that smells of graft and wrongdoing. I will make records of abuse of privilege and authority, patronage, cronyism, nepotism, and any wrongful or harmful acts of favoritism, and maintain those records in safeguard. If I am harassed for them, I will make public those records.

All of the aforementioned, I affirm, because “what happens in Vegas, might stay in Vegas” but “what happens on Capitol Hill, should NOT stay on Capitol Hill.” In Vegas, people do what they do with their own money — on the Hill, they do what they do with ours.

Ladies & Gentlemen: There is an urgent need to restore in our elected officials, and all their appointed officials, the Jeffersonian code of “retiring with hands clean, as they are empty” and to telling any Teflon Don’s and Donatella’s in Washington DC — who might be feeling invincible — that it’s GREASE they’re covered in, NOT TEFLON!

Therefore, click HERE to vote for in favor of this Oath of Office.

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