Resist a fixed mindset -day one

Day 1 at Andela Bootcamp 23:
I woke up with incredible energy and I was ready for the day.
I joined the hangouts call at 10 am with anticipation and eagerness to meet the new team that I will be a member this week. I know this is not going to be a walk in the park. This is mostly because one is expected to learn and at the same time deliver outputs.

One of the main challenges I know I will face is time but I will try my best to manage the limited resource.I have mapped all tasks that am planning to work on during the Bootcamp on the pivotal tracker board, this helps one manage their tasks by starting with the simpler ones and later the more challenging ones I save time and boost morale. This is because if you start with a hard task and maybe get stuck, it will affect how you do the other tasks.

Today I had a problem publishing the site on Github pages but I sought help from teammates and I got help. Personally, I love it when things don’t work because it gives me a chance to research on the challenge and understand it better. This puts me in a better position not only to solve the problem in future but also to help others who might run into the same problem. I don’t let challenges stop me, I overcome them and user them to my advantage. I always reach out to people who may have knowledge about the same because this really saves time.

I created a git repository to facilitate version control this helps in tracking my progress and saving my files in case anything happens. I also created user interface elements using HTML and CSS, styled them and added bootstrap to make the pages responsive.
I wish to thank my learning facilitator @tina for taking us through what is expected of us. I hope she will be patient with us many of the concepts are new and we may not move at the same pace as a team.
To the team, @This is Aurora[TIA] let’s be EPIC.
Thanks Andela for believing in me.

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