Together Everyone Achieves More-Day 4

Day 4 — Andela Bootcamp

This has been one of my best weeks in life. I’m loving every day of It. I wake up with a purpose and a goal that I want to meet at the end of the day. I thank God for this far and I hope He grants me the energy and favor to carry on and make it through. I was not feeling so well in the morning and this slowed me a bit but the dream and passion of joining Andela must be kept alive. I want to say so far It has not gotten any easy but at least I have fewer challenges and I expect that this will help me move faster. I like the fact that I am able to plan the tasks I intend to work on breaking them down and mapping them to my board. This saves on time and I am is able to track progress.

Today’s challenge was on relationship building. Andela amazes me because they are not interested in people who are just developers. They want to have people who can deal with clients and be able to work in teams. This is pretty amazing because there is that notion that software developers suck at soft skills. Some companies go to extents of hiring PR guys to deal with clients.

After making it to Bootcamp I was placed in a team with ambitious young people. It’s always sweet to work with people that you have something in common. It’s highly likely that you will bond well.@Allan is a nice guy he always shares his work for review and also helps solve problems. @IsaacNdungu is really amazing we are always checking each other’s progress. We both are contributors to each other’s GitHub account and he is never shy to tell me to change things I might be doing in a wrong way. He always dedicates his time to help everyone in the group.

@Eunice is always eager to learn and always asks questions whenever she gets stuck. @Mercy too doesn’t shy to ask questions and always utilizes the resources in the group. @JoyyToo is a fellow Bootcamper, I don’t limit myself to ‘the inner circle’ I always want to find out how others are doing. She shares her work for review and I do the same.

@tina is my LFA and I really like how she is patient with us realizing that we may be at different levels. She gives us productive feedback and helps us with blockers. She keeps me on my toes knowing I have to deliver in as much as I learn.

Thanks team for realizing that teamwork does miracles. I am really hoping we all meet on site.
So far so good.
#let’s be EPIC

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