Pizza at Luzzo’s in Brooklyn — perfect memory

I think this pizza adventure took place in the late spring or early summer of 2013 just before I left New York City. I had friends visiting from DC for a weekend and we all went out for a great weekend on the town and to be honest those nights all kind of blur together after awhile.

The one memory that does stand out is we went for a walk along the promenade like all tourists visiting Brooklyn must do and after swinging through Brooklyn Bridge Park and walking down Atlantic Avenue we all felt kind of hungry and thirsty.

Atlantic avenue has a lot of restaurants to choose from and somehow we ended up in this tiny pizza joint named Luzzo’s. We got seated outside in the back garden area and we ordered some olives, salumi, a bottle of wine, and a pizza. I don’t remember much except that the food was really good and I wasn’t too full after we left.

I remember laughing a lot and smiling the whole walk home and it just felt like one of those perfect moments I would have saw in a movie or magazine. I don’t live in New York anymore, but I think these are the types of memories we get to have of places that stick with us for a long time. Good company, a glass of wine, and a slice of pizza can do wonders.

This was a personal event that actually happened to me, but putting the disclaimer of “fiction” or “non fiction” seem to be a little much at the beginning. If you think some of my fiction is actually real then it is the highest compliment that I could ever recieve. If you liked this let me know with a ❤ and give me a follow → Anthony Maiorana

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