The 3 Part Framework For Crypto Beginners to Research Projects And Avoid Buying Scams — Part 2/3

  • are real people (fake accounts = scams)
  • have experience in a related field or project
  • are real
  • have real partnerships (scams often fake them)
  • have a good reputation or
  • are on the scammy side (Spray & Pray VCs, Shillfluencers or Scammers)
  • many grammar mistakes & buzzwords
  • no clear structure & sentences incoherent
  • no use case (i.e. much talk but no substance about what they actually do)
  • Plagiarism (popular with low effort scam coins)
  2. engagement & comments on their posts
  3. activity of the account, how long it´s been active & who follows it
  • the community is active and thriving
  • the team is engaging with the community and answering questions
  • it feels welcoming and helpful, or toxic and simply plain ass?




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Marcel Mairhofer

Marcel Mairhofer

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