Got Love?

I rarely send eMails. Rarer? Facebook. Since 11/1/2016. For good reason …well, for one.


NO Medium
or Partner
or Family
or Friend
or Colleague
or Counselor
or Leader
or Priest
or Pastor
or Rabbi
or Vicar
or Imam …
NO ONE has words sufficient.
Seeing leaders spiral into Mental Illness.
Bleeding at Loved Ones’ cutting distress.
Feeling Missingness for Mums & Dads.
Grieving hoped-for Love we never had.
Mourning Lives of dusk and dawn.
Honoring Heroes 100 years on.
Losing Unconditional Love.
Living a loss of a Child.
NO ONE has words
There are none.
Closure’s a lie.
There is none.
Waking to news of more baited hate, I’m praying for America’s Children.
Millennials filming, who still don’t not notice.
how-many young people are lost,
without notice or reason
There is none.
Kids not knowing right from wrong
because it wasn’t lived at home.
Parents posting, still not noticing
Children afraid — needing kissing
and comforting, not dismissing –
and need help understanding
the un-understadable.
YES — because:
How can they?
How can WE?


There is an antidote: Unconditional Love.
May I — always and in all ways.
May WE. May America.
May OUR World, too.
Will YOU?
Love says,

Shall WE?
Love trumps hate, power, greed ... well, everything. Shall WE?

Written three days after Nazism-fueled hate murdered 32-year-old Heather Heyer — August 15, 2017, the historical Feast Day of Unconditional Love.

Nothing happens by coincidence. And yes, Synchronicity’s a thing.

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