O! NO? Merry May!

O, the month of May, the merry month of May,
So frolic — or nay, not just ’cause all’s not-yet “so green!”

O, why? But why, then, did True Love not stay? 
May’s Joy’s fled. Who, now, shalt be my Summer’s Queen?
Now my Nightingale, her pretty song I can’t hear; 
her sweetest of scents wafts not. No forest’s choir.
Entreat, Thee, I do — to hear one more Love’s Tale
or see Thee sitteth yonder. How ponder that briar?

But O, to spy The Cuckoo. Had I but seen The Cuckoo,
seen where she sitteth, poised to take away my Joy!
Take ME away, I prithee. I do not like YOU!
For should sing MY True Love, MY kiss she employ.

Three-fourths this poem-as-homage I employ;
 my first post as Poet-as-Pamphleteer!
 More of both guises I hope you’ll enJOY.

But O, rain oft falls as May Day appears.
 America’s Mother’s Day nears.

For many Clients — and you? — May pours Missingness: 
 Mothers grieve Children; 
 all-aged Children miss Moms; 
 Women sans Children (for whom that’s lament) … still.

ME? I am She (all three) butAND: I trust, now, that’s what’s Meant.

YOU I invite to tell with me a different tale–poem–song of The Cuckoo. Shun warning of “thief” (or, worse, gloom). Nix “foreboder” of grief (or e’en “death”).

Invite Cuckoo’s song as a new beginning — a May-long Celebration of Motherly Love that remains with you … pours from you … IS.

Our Loved Ones’ Spirit, Essence, and LOVE always remain.

Always as more than is “lost.”

Always at least three-fourths!


What’s a Pamphleteer?!

What’s with butAND? … all the caps? … e’en(s) ellipses?!? ;)

O, this Celebration of May IS a new beginning.

Or so I endeavor — nay, I commit! — this very Merry (-for-me, e’en in blustery Chicago) First Day of May and on Medium.com.

[Of course, I’m publishing hereon — where else would Medium-size ME be?!]

Meantime, please: follow me, pared; subscribe to Máirín’s Musings, rared; find me on Facebook, unsnared.

Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™

Mindful it’s May Day 
(raw rainy wind unabating)
and of Mothers & all Missings …
AND wishing YOU
new beginnings, too.

Inspired by Thomas Dekker’s
The Merry Month of May (1599)

Dream BIG. Stand SMALL. I’m a Medium. So of course I write @Medium!

#AmWriting and Teaching (and Preaching-as-Hoping?) … in just 140-ish Words.
Dare more?
Dare fewer?
Dare YOU? ;)

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