Oh! I Miss Mom’s Laugh.

Jack was buried yesterday. Donning, I hope, dancing shoes!

I promised to dance in my kitchen for 103-year-old Jack and his ever-young Mary — and my Mom & Dad. And I did.

Waltzing to my Mind’s Voice — which, I must say, is quite lovely — rounding my kitchen thinking of Mom & Dad … I saw them Waltzing at my sister’s wedding.

Forty years ago today made one of four favorite memories of Mom & Dad dancing. Stories all. Sensory experiences, still and all.

Gliding as one within a Waltz, no matter what song was playing … whirling their own steps … minding nothing but each another, not even the music. Lost in magical moments of their memories.

Mom’s Chanel wafts into Dad’s signature scent, sweat. Dad’s left palm sands Mom’s right as they spin; her left thumb instinctively smooths his shoulder. Dad’s greens marvel into Mom’s greys as he leans. Whispering with secrets and Martini kisses, Dad leaves Mom … laughing.

Although I can hear it in my Mind’s Ear — and could, for you, Read your Mom’s: Oh, I miss Mom’s Laugh-with-Love!

Not “ha-ha” response to Dad’s wit. Quick, sharp, and funny Dad unwaveringly was — and IS — just not in this dance. Nor was Mom’s blush embarrassment at Dad’s ‘PDA’ — though often it was. I’m certain Dad IS making Mom blush, still and often!

Rather, bubbling up from some essential, spiritual place, Mom’s laughter is … glee … pure bliss … simply, Love manifest.

Love IS Dancing in Paradise !™

PostScript: Meantime, remember — Mother’s Day (today in Spain, next Sunday in America, next March in Ireland) and always: You Are Loved.

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