Oh, Just BE … for ME?

Twice last weekend I visited a charity shop. Neither time did I shop.

Anticipating Fourth of July, I’m Minding Aunt Margie.

Her Birthday’s next week. Still. ButAND that’s not why I’m writing of Her, tho often I do … re shopping … in Missingness … because She is both my “#1 Get” and, likely, the #1 Voice in my head.

I’m writing today imagining Aunt Margie smiling at my not shopping in my favorite shop because, as it will happen, I was Meant to be Reading.

Saturday: Three Sisters.

Nearing the shop, literally in passing, I overheard someone say, “It’s Synchronicity!”

Yes, that’s a thing. When I turned to say as much?

Three Sisters’ Mom, as Moms will, comes Flying by with 20+ minutes of specificity re Emotions too-long unshared … meta- and physical Manifestation(s) … multi-Sensory answers to questions … even ending the Sisters’ debate re where Mom would like to…BE. And no, it’s not in one urn — not even if displayed in her own curio! ;)

Shared laughing tears and shaking hugs later, I walked into the shop. And turned around and walked out.

Monday: Two Women.

Finding myself still having a car, if despite my druthers, I found myself walking again into the same shop. And right into two more Fly-by Readings.

First came the charity’s foundress, effusing Pride in and welling with Gratitude to all who sustain its Mission. Celebrating Her Birthday. Honoring Her Life’s Work. Still.

Then, to the same manager I was Reading — May I say? a wonderfully open Dora — came Flying by Dora’s paternal grandmother. Detailing mouth-wateringly, assuring spicily, reassuring presence of Mind (now), ensuring Her Presence, and proving hair-raising “coincidences” aren’t … confirming six (17?!) ways: Dora’s Gram IS Herself — and Dora’s exactly like Gram in face, smile, Intuition, and Essence.

Another 20+ minutes later, I circled the shop and walked out. Again, I left empty handed.

What has all this to do with Aunt Margie?

Yes, I Know other things, too — like your wondering, perhaps aloud: “What’s Máirín on about now?!” ;)

Aunt Margie’s grand- and my Niece, KT, shares her and America’s Birthday month. KT’s Mom, as Moms do, is hosting a gathering today, celebrating “Our Girl.” As Aunt Margie would say. As Love does.

Leaving a message for my Sister, SQ, saying I’d join them in Spirit, I’m finding myself sharing imaginings re what SQ might be most JOYfully anticipating, as Moms & Aunts do: Just watching KT drinking in her Niece, SQ’s first grandchild, wading in her six-inch-deep pool….

Leading me to begging SQ, as I do: “Please enJOY it for me?!”

Catching myself with a catch in my voice, I’m adding a “P.S.” — yes, as I do in writings and recordings — about Aunt Margie and our Mom.

“There’s no way Mom’n’Aunt Margie won’t be there today.”

“Definitely worth making photographs! I won’t be surprised if you smell them, too.” As SQ does our Mom. “You might even hear Aunt Margie.”


Laughing to hear Her in my version of Aunt Margie’s signature exclamation, I’m leaving audibly messy, cheeky red kisses — another of Aunt Margie’s signatures — and welling up … myself.

Look UP!

I swiped to hang up, wiped, stood up, walked 18 feet past some of Aunt Margie’s Precious T’ings, sat down, and began writing. This. To YOU. Why?

I’m writing-as-hoping-and-praying — no, begging you: Please! When — not IF — your Loved Ones come Flying by?

Stop. Listen. Look UP! Drink Them in. Simply: Breathe….

Máirín’s Three Things™

Please make time this holiday weekend to…Just BE™

Better — enJOY all of Them — with all of your nine Senses!

Best — you tell me: What are your Loved Ones’ signature Energy Moves?

Okay FOUR — Where’s this bench?

Tweet a guess & BOGO — Let’s see Who comes Flying by! ;)
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