Oh, Let It Go. [Part Two]

Á la one line from Two Weeks Notice, hers might rightly be the #1 voice in my head.

I don’t use my ‘really cool phone’ to make outgoing calls. If I did, I’d never Read anyone else! If I did, though….

Aunt Margie’s is the #3 voice I most long to hear — telling tales of her Heaven, answering my questions, teaching all my Soul’s seeking, and, always preaching what I mightn’t want to hear. Reasoning.

I’m hearing Aunt Margie loud’n’clear — for two reasons. Just now, re my welling while writing that last bit. And again, like yesterday morning, about something silly. (I dislike making foolish mistakes, especially if founded in my lack of focus.)

“Let it go.”

To the former, her Wisdom falls softly, comforting hand on my shoulder — no, cupping my cheek.

To the latter, as most often it comes (as I’m too-often foolish), Aunt Margie’s voice hints her satirical wit, echoing with pure drama. Or maybe it’s me dramatizing? Reminding myself for us both to keep Life, Love, loss, even unfocused foolishness in their proper perspective.

Silly mistakes, things, places, and people (no matter their focus) don’t matter at all.

“Let it gooooooooo….”

Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™


PostScripts: My J says I’m the voice in her head. I’m praying it’s resounding with everything she needs. And, always, Love.

Who are my #1 and #2 ‘gets’ — the voices I’d most like to hear?

Oh, I bet you get Them in one!

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