Oh. One.

One word. One line. One quotation. One Kindness. Never underestimate the power of one.

“Do you think that hurts?”

One day, we’re clambering across a rocky beach along the bay below the bluff protecting us from battering. Squall whirling sand up our skirts. Salt assaulting memories. Cyan Sea, Sun, Serenity warming Souls. Our Sacred Space in this world.

Before us, a boy, barefoot feet fleeting between rocks and lapping water. Toeing. Turning. Running back and forth.

Nearing, we realize he’s throwing things.


Nearing closer still.

“No. Starfish.” Smiling.

“Good morning, little man,” coming upon him, calling our greeting.

“Good morning, Missus!” Keeping his stride, shouting above the gulls.

Our smiles brighten.

Polite, our little man.

“What are you doing?” Superflous.

“I’m helping starfish back into the sea.”

“So we see. Well done, you.”

“T’anks, Missus.” Stopping, winded from running.

“And do you see? The sea keeps washing more ashore.”

“Yes, Missus. O’course I do.”

“And still you endeavour?”

Pausing, frowning a moment. Pondering. Dawning. Undaunted.

“Yes, Missus. I am, so.” Smiling, himself. Striding proudly.

“Why? What difference does it make?”

Pausing again. Frowning again. Two moments, this time in…disappointment? Resolved.

“It makes a difference, Missus.”

“To you?”

“This. One. Starfish.”

Love Is an ACTion Verb!™


PostScripts: Yes, OUR actions can change OUR World — one at a time shouting loudlier than words.*

And yes, I make up words all the time.

And yes, my Sacred Space (worthy of caps) is atop a bluff above a beach where a bay becomes an ocean. One day, I’ll fly therefrom.

Where’s yours?

Oh and — no, I don’t know when that might be. I’m not that kind of psychic. ;)

*Oh and — again: YOURS? Already ARE.

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