Oh. So.

“Words matter. Mantras more.” What IF I’m wrong about that?

Ever endeavouring to find my own Mantra(s), I’m teaching children, too: So be aspiring!

So hard connecting with kids too-often hearing:

“You’re too sensitive.”
“You care waaay-too much.”

I hear that a lot. Did as a kid, that’s for sure. If (read, When) today that’s said about me? Still twitch butAND I don’t hear it.*

I am hearing, too often, assessments like that about others’ children — of every age — from lovers, friends, other children…. All-too often from family. All still leaving me twitching.

Working with parents of Gifted Children, I’m ever tweaking — words way-before Mantras.

What IF a boy’s not “too” but SO sensitive?

What IF a wife cares not “too much” but SO-very much?

What IF — after teaching children my first two Qs — we begin exploring these?

“What will you do with your SOs?”
“What are your SOs?”

What IF we CAN too change the world — starting by stopping one twitch by switching one so-very-small word?

Believing we CAN, I’m asking, again:

How may I help?

Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™


PostScripts: No, I don’t hear “so” assessments re me anymore. I do and I’m certain what’s meant — and I certainly twitch — I simply don’t listen.

*I do hear, tho, my Dad admonishing: “Children are not baby goats!” ;)

And yes, I know these maiden heifers aren’t goats. Admiring farmers more than most, I’m also mindfully mostly vegetarian.

ButAND yes, it’s a powerful image, no?

†And yes, caps are warranted re Gifted Children. And yes, ALL are — in infinite ways. And yes, YOU are, too.

And yes, I’m asking “What IF” … a lot.

What IF YOU do, too?

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