Oh. SO? Thee….

So? I wasn’t wrong. Right? I’m rarely wrong about thee(s) things. Or about THE question. Doubt me? Dare Thee….

Yesterday I wrote re day-before-yesterday’s Qs:

What are your SOs — those characteristics and behaviors others see in you?
What IF you go exploring…YOU for your Essential bits?

This isn’t ‘THE’ Q— butAND it’s better:

What are you waiting for to begin?

When — not IF — you do: I promise you’ll find The Divine.

There’s just one key question you need to explore.

You must know it by now — i.e., from reading me. ;)

And no, I don’t need to Read you to know what it is.

What IF it’s the same One Q for us all?

So I believe — and teach and preach and practice.

ASK and you’ll enter a drawing for a Complimentary Guidance Session.

TELL and when (not if) you’re right: I’ll gift you that One-Hour Session!

Enter to Learn via Twitter or Facebook — soon: Drawing’s June 21st!

Meantime: Keep asking questions!

And yes, I will, too too:

How may I help YOU?

Love IS — SO Thee! ;)


PostScripts: Yes, I’m always asking questions. Oh, I SO hope YOU are, too.

And yes, One Q’s very Tolkein. No? ;)

And yes, I’m asking “What IF” … a lot.

IF I may ask?

What want YOU to ask ME?

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