Oh, They’re Still at Bat. [Part Two]

My cleanup? In my rear-view mirror. So I thought. Silly Medium.

Nearing two o’clock Mother’s Day afternoon, after three Masses in two churches — none of my planning and one in Dad’s Latin! — I’m far afield of home and “fair famished.”

More, I’m spent. Three Fly-bys (before nine). Wildly circuitous ‘coincidences’ unfolding. Maneuvering some 100 miles of Chicago’s divine diversity and skyline. Marveling two beauts: Michigan’s shoreline and Buckingham’s soaring welcome to Spring.

Mourning 100-plus years of sadness born of Immigrants’ hopes, dreams, tears … and minding my disappointment finding CPD’s headquarters locked. Taking the last as a sign, I headed home.

Taking my bearings, I turned right…and right into the sun glaring behind it.

Minding so-many things, I hadn’t realized where I was. Where my Mother’s Day wanderings and wonderings were leading me.

Again unexpectedly.

This time, literally.

Draped in black and white.

White Sox Park.

Batter Up!

“Firsts” after passings aren’t the trickiest. Any of Life’s right (or left) turns can twist to unexpected laughter-and-tears. Loud, messy, un-reason-able Missingness for a Dad Mother’s Day.

Thirty-four years, seven months, and twenty-five days since Dad passed, just seeing Sox Park? I needed cleaning up. Will again — in Aisle Nine, in black’n’white memories outta left field, standing in Irish fields afar. And that’s okay.

Dad’s always batting cleanup!

Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™


PostScripts: #AmWriting more stories of synchronicity, surprises, and amends- and change-making. Of course I am.

And yes — about closure. (No such thing.)

As for coincidence? You tell me.

What do YOU see?
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