Oh, Those. No Such Thing….

Those ‘coincidences’ you’re noticing aren’t. Synchronicity’s a thing.

Turning to turn around, there it is.

Gardening, thinking of Mom & Dad, their favorite song plays.

Minding my Missingness Mother’s Day Mass, They come flying by.

All these ‘happened’ — just this weekend. None by ‘coincidence.’

How I know?

Well, I Know things. ;)

Reasoners do, too.

Researching — just last week, re a passed Mom rearranging my schedule — I now know Carl G. Jung created his “principle” just to (what I call) ‘wrap his brain around’ things he couldn’t, as a scientist, well, reason:

“temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events”

… Jung, putting a “temporary end to this unsatisfactory state of affairs” — i.e., his hemming and hawing and hesitating before tackling “a subject cannot be tackled.”

The subject? “The paranormal.”

Just Jung’s book’s Foreward, writing in 1950, is worthy of reading in 2017. Even as ‘just’ a lesson in writing.

Opening your mind, come swimming with me. Dive with Jung into “phenomena” that became his principle and is my reality.

Synchronicity: There’s no such thing as coincidence.

Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™


PostScripts: #AmWriting more stories of synchronicity, surprises, and acausal, schedule-changing occurrences. Of course I am.

As for your acausal events? You tell me.

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