Oh. UP!

Words matter. Mantras more. What IF Sunday Morning’s not about this?

Mindfully seeking a Mantra, I found myself pausing Saturday morning, minding the six-o’clock hour and Tir Eoighan minding my not feeding him whilst bells were ringing.

Praying The Angelus as I do

(wishing I were singing-in-Latin, as some Sisters do)

I’m wondering:

What IF

Sunday Morning



are not about Resurrection


every Faith prACTtice

everyone’s Spirituality

every day

is about


Words matter.

Mantras more.

I’m ever Mindful of mine.

What are yours?

Look UP — Love IS!™


PostScripts: Yes, I found my Mantra. In that moment, actually.

And yes, Sisters were singing in Latin, sang for me again today. They will for you, too — every day @YouTube.

And yes, sometimes Angels ring bells. Thanks, Clarence!

And yes, minding my Mantra and others’ one words— like Nuns’ and Mary’s and Millet’s — I AM ever Mindful of … “YES.”

And yes, I’m asking “What IF” … a lot.

With IF and/or YES: Are you?

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