Oh. What Wouldn’t We Give…?

“Look over there! Doesn’t that lady remind you of Aunt Millie?”

Curiosity piquing more than my desiring to savor my niece Kate’s smiling blues and cacophony of senses resounding our every Breakfast for Two.

Greens smiling, I turned, freezing in a moment crystallizing a Life Lesson learned 27 years earlier.

Kate’s question still infuses me with grateful pride for imparting our Aunt/great-Aunt Millie’s advice — to Kate, her sister, my nephew…just about everyone I’ve ever met or taught. And everyone I’ve Read.


Aunt Millie passed 11 years before Kate was born.

Inspired by one bite of Wisdom she shared 58 days before passing, thousands now know Aunt Millie’s Essence. All think of her in a very Present Tense.

Another day? More on Aunt Millie. I’m saving her Wisdom for this.

Today? For you, I’ve one question:

What would you give for one more conversation with your Aunt Millie?

Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™

PostScripts: Mindful Mother’s Day nears, I’m thinking and writing of Mine — and all Women, Girls, and Men’n’Boys, too, whose Unconditional Love informs, inspires, sustains…me. Hoping you will be, too.

So I lied. I’ve two Qs:

Who will you call today?


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