Oh YES, I got a Go-to Guy.

To whomever is hacking my account:

You might wanna consider
Angels are REAL
and watch over me.

I’m sure They watch over you, too.

Know I’m praying They do — and for YOU.

That April Facebook post responding to — well, you’ve gathered — included two Angels painted by one Master: in Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of The Rocks; Archangel Gabriel in The Annunciation.

I invited all in need of Heavenly Protection — i.e., in addition to Positivity and Prayer, which DO change things, CAN change the world:

“Allow me to introduce Himself….”

Smacking the hacking (virtually) tacked toward one line which changed course toward two stories of another Angel Who sailed right into — well, a book I’m invited to write by a traditional publisher kind to offer a contract (twice).

The line?

“I want you to have this.”

Love IS — both sides of Heaven!™
 … whereabouts Angels do fly.

PostScripts: YES — I call Himself “My Go-to Guy.”

And YES — He’s okay with that.

And YES — I’ve always been irreverent with Angels, Saints, other Superiors, The Divine….

But NO — “Himself” mightn’t be Who you think.

Inspired by Angels, another Art-engaging posts by Classical Sass @kitch79 and Alex Schult, and positivity from Darius Foroux and Tim Denning.
Thanks, all!

Virgin of The Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci at The National Gallery, London
My Go-to Guy

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