Seeing Someones

“I don’t see dead people” — not anymore. And I rarely use ‘d’ words. You can, tho. (The former, I mean. Please lose the latter.†)

My earliest recollection of seeing … Someones? Angels and pets, too? I must’ve been 12–14 months old.

All Children are Mediums.

All Mediums are Psychics. Not all Psychics are Mediums, tho. And no two Psychics or Mediums — or their Gifts or using thereof — are the same.
Psychic abilities are the umbrella, if you will –believed and practiced for millennia and including Mediumship, Prophecy, Healing, aura reading, automatic writing, regression, telepathy, ESP….

Among my practices: Evidentiary Communicating Mediumship — i.e., my ability to connect with what I experience as, simply, your and Loved Ones’ and Messengers’ Energy.

When I come near you, I experience…Them. And They communicate with and through me. During a scheduled Reading. At a hotel gallery event. In a ‘Fly by’ in a local grocery store. Even while I was outside watering plants this morning.*

And no, there’s no-such thing as coincidence. Just ask Jung.

And yes, I’ve been a Spiritualist and Medium and all my life — many other striations of my TWO MEs, too.

And so are YOU.

Seeing Them — & YOU? It’s What I Do.

What See ME ©MMG

PostScripts: *Yes, of course, I can’t say “No” to Loved Ones. Even at 7 in the morning, me damp and ‘scented’ with pre-Summer sweat! Even tho I’d really rather remain The Anonymous Medium.

And yes, dogs, cats, and all animals go to Heaven.
And yes, sometimes ‘Clarence’ rings bells. ;)

†But no, as Aunt Millie said, “No one’s ever ‘dead’….”

Doubtful, Thomas, re my Gift — and yours?

Let’s see about both….;)

Dream BIG! Stand SMALL? Medium.™

PPSs…. YES — of course I write at Medium! ;)

NO — not often of late. Why? I’m Spirit FUNdraising!™

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