I wrote an essay about working overnights.
Peter Nickeas

I worked rotating shifts for CPD for 10 years back in the early 80s-early 90s, but never rotating in a way that would make sense to our circadian systems (days-afternoon/evening-nights). No, the powers-that-be had us going days-midnights-afternoons.

We often saw coppers marrying other cops, or nurses, because who better to understand us than someone else living through it? My niece was recently employed, as a new nurse, on midnights in St Anthony’s ER. We tried to tell her and her tender heart that sociology wouldn’t always cut it in the ‘hood, and she needed thicker “bark,” which she couldn’t believe. A few months later she was crazy for coffee, had been called a “cracker” even though she’s only 1/2 white, and was nearly tearing her hair and heart out because the co-workers were trying to get her to work at unsound speed. She got hired at a better place, will sill have some midnights, but keep her sanity.

We wind up holding onto what works for us, whether others think it is workable or maybe isn’t really, but we think it is.

I write too and would be interested to see the piece you reference.

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