The digital era has killed digital marketing

Or, more popular: Integration of online and offline marketing

Our lives are becoming more digital by the day and we can see it with our own eyes. We share our lives on Facebook and Snapchat, GPS navigating or do our bank via an app. We are connected 24/7 so we can say that digital age officially started.

If you are more than 5 years old, it’s pretty certain that you testified an amazingly rapid expansion of Online. It happened so fast, that (at least once), we were chockablock with thousand of I-will-read-it-later Tabs. Therefore it is understandable that, not-so-long ago, many agencies have decided to declare themselves as “digital” and that hundreds of small group of students went joyfully to develop their digital start-up plans.

And now, we have a lot, a LOT of digital agencies.

But as it is usual in this age of technological race, changes are made on a daily basis and so a new trend came into force. Experts say there is no more offline and online, there is only integrated marketing.

Integrated marketing or just marketing.

Actually, the truth is that the integration of offline and online is happening by itself (as it has always been), but we just recently became aware of it. What had been lost, somewhere along the way while gaining our IT expertise, was managing the integration.

But is integration really a right name for the profusion of online and offline world? The word “integration” means “to actively merge some parts of the unit, to connect, to unify”. Everything that happens in the real world, in some form is now reflected in the virtual one, which automatically makes it become “integrated”. There are active marketing activities and passive marketing activities. If the active ones are those which are carried out consciously, then the passive ones are those which occur as a result of an active marketing existence. For example, we carry out an active advertising activities for a new smartphone model, then we read the unboxing blogger’s reviews (which for us is a passive marketing activity), after that we commence with active marketing activities as a response etc… you get the idea. Passive marketing activity has an incredible ability of existence in both worlds — online and offline, but the active marketing activity just needs to be drawn and properly managed. Here, we need an integration.

That’s it. Who had been just-online has been just-online, from now on, must be both online and offline. Once upon a time, marketing was just marketing. Through technologic development, marketing was distributed to digital marketing and traditional marketing, but joining the digital era, again we return to the good old term — marketing, where you do not detach digital from non-digital. It is so imbued, that we are slowly losing track of… Hey Robot, how are you feelin ‘today?

Integration has happened.

It was done by that man over there in the corner of the shop, reading the smartphone review on his tablet, holding the exact smartphone that will soon be bought. Of course, if the review suggests it.

It was also done by the radio host that, through her interaction on Facebook, as she made us feel close and intimate to her. We would all be more than happy to listen and boast her Facebook joke later on.

Would the Big Bang Theory or Modern Family be so popular that the social networks wouldn’t have interfered with classical and traditional television? Their fans now have a wonderful opportunity to track their characters and see all “behind the scenes” on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, to chat with like-minded and enthusiasticly share the contents, which can lead to hundreds, thousands, millions of fans (even though it started with just a handful of fans). Moreover, you can even communicate with your favorite characters! Ok, most likely it will be their Community managers, but who cares when Ellen DeGeneres retweet us!

Yes, online dictates offline.

Agency will gradually discard the prefix “digital” from its name, for it will soon become completely outdated. We are in the digital age, right? Digital marketing has now only become a classic digital age marketing. Everything happened offline is now rapidly becoming viral, and vice versa. On the other side there are clients who will no longer have to hire several agencies for several different channels of marketing, but one that offers such a modern integrated approach.

Therefore, to sum it up: Digital marketing has now become only a traditional marketing of digital era.