What do you call this fruit in your country?

Sugar apple also called “Sweetsop”, This fruit is native to West Indies, Central America, Peru and Mexico.

. Health benefits.

Sugar apple also called “Sweetsop”, This fruit is native to West Indies, Central America, Peru and Mexico. It is very sweet, creamy and delicious fruits with a flavor resembling a mix between a coconut and a pear. Sugar apples are rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C, which help get rid of free radicals from the body. Sugar apples also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, niacin and potassium.

Remarkable Health Benefits Of Eating Sugar Apples


Due to high content of Vitamin C, it will help prevent asthma. The potent antioxidants will help fight the free radicals in your body.

High Blood Pressure

It has potassium level which helps to regulate your blood pressure by controlling sodium in your body, hence keeping your blood pressure under control.

Healthy eyes

Vitamin A has antioxidant properties, it protects the cells of the cornea and retina from harmful free radicals. As a result its increase our eye sight.

Strengthens Bones

Sugar apples are excellent sources of magnesium, like calcium, magnesium also strengthen your bones and ward off osteoporosis. Magnesium works by activating vitamin D, a nutrient so vital because it promotes calcium absorption by the bones.

Cholesterol Levels

Sugar apples rich in Vitamin B3 or niacin, it is an effective agent to increase the good cholesterol in your body.


It is found that sugar also contain copper, the trace element that is crucial for the making of thyroid hormone, and effective for thyroid control.

Boost your energy

Sugar apples contain vitamin B1. This vitamin helps to convert food into energy your body may use.

Controls diabetes diabetics

people, who are afraid from having anything sweet, can take a sign of relief as the fiber present in this fruit slows down the absorption of sugar in the body.

Low Risk Of Heart Attack

Sugar apples contain magnesium, which reducing the risk of heart. That’s because magnesium helps relax the cardiac muscles, keeping them from being overworked.

Cure anemia

People, who have iron deficiency, should have to eat sugar apples, it curing anemia with its iron rich properties.

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