Woman charged after accusing ex of rape on social media, be careful friends

As per the Jamaican Gleaner Stop sharing fake news online about Jamaican.If you are caught you will be fully prosecuted

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A woman was yesterday arrested and charged under the Cyber Crimes Act after she posted pictures on social media claiming that her ex-boyfriend is wanted for rape, assault and murder.

A release from the Ministry of National Security said 35-year old Amieka Mullings was arrested after investigations by the police revealed that the information was false and malicious.

She was charged with malicious communication under the Cyber Crimes Act, after being interrogated in the presence of her attorney.LATEST NEWS

Woman charged after accusing ex of rape on social media

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Security Minister Robert Montague, in a recent interview with OBSERVER ONLINE made a passionate plea to Jamaicans to stop sharing fake news online.

Montague renewed that call in the release, saying false information circulating on social media alleging that people are being abducted and killed so their organs can be harvested and sold undermines the work of the police.

The ministry also reminded that under the new cybercrimes legislation, it is illegal to use a computer or similar device to willfully send another person any data that intends to cause, or is reckless to causing annoyance, distress, anxiety.

The penalty for that offence is a fine not exceeding $4 million, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding four years if the person is a first-time offender.