Catharsis 1 (27–03–2017)

My plan was to write about the dilema i thought i would have between my work and my personal belief in the field of agriculture and food production. I have failed to write anything on the matter as much is drafted on a number of topics, but what most preoccupies my time is a matter of “turn around” of this whole sector. My plan in these Catharsis pieces is to post a review of my challenges and accomplishments in a hope to keep my writing regular, arrange my thoughts, and honestly, see if anyone has any ideas of how to tackle the challenges i have. On with it…..

This last weekend i just said “NO” to every regular activity i pursue. Gym, workshop, band, family day with in-laws. All had to take a back seat as i just took the whole weekend at its own pace. Something beautiful in the timing was the weather (raining for the past 5 days) which is something unusual in the region. I enjoyed the company and the time with my wife discussing the challenges we face separately and together. Saturday Morning was set aside for reading documents for work, and with Hind taking the boys out, all i had was the windows open, listening to the rain. On Friday we laughed with a guest about how the sounds of waves, crackling fire, and rain calm us and ease us. There is perhaps something in the white noise and motion of these elements that takes us back to the non-digital. It made me think if i could use that to heal and recover from the stresses of the week.

Over the weekend i celebrated a small victory. After all the challenges i face trying to modernize the thinking of the staff, someone took my advice and tried to use excel, and it worked. They delivered something better than before. That small boost in confidence, made her try other things, like using her smart phone to change a meeting time, as she was out of office. Lastly, she began to encourage some of her direct reports to try the same. It may seem so small, but for me it was an indication of 2 things. 1) I am getting through to them. 2) they are willing and capable to learn new things. This in short, is a sign of company culture change.

The challenges were numerous and i will not dwell on them, but email overload, an old mentality of thinking, thousands of requests that require hours and hours of review, and i dont want to give my time at home to the job. I learned even though i was doing it, i was not seeing the results i hoped. This is a good thing, and has also reiterated the need to prevent this overflow into the home.

i have not proof read this but i feel it would do me well do just publish, and see that i do this again, rather than never publish.

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