I am starting a farm from Zero.

By zero I mean, in the desert.

I always knew, one day that I would start a farm, and I have put this off for reasons of time, space, land and everything that life throws at us.

Now a father of two boys and a girl on the way, a realization has set in, that no one will make it work for me, and I don’t want to be caught out later in my life, having wished an earlier start.

I did two things to ensure I chronicle this journey and share the challenges and the solutions. 1) i became a Medium member. 2) I started a Series on this.

If anything Medium is developing a platform where I can share this journey is it’s many forms.

I have started from ground zero, in a plot in the desert of the UAE and will hopefully develop a permaculture model farm. A model farm to demonstrate how one can turn desert to productive sustainable and regenerated land. It will be fully transparent, fully documented and open to all.

I will share the story in various ways on my series but hope to write pieces specific to challenges and events along the journey.

So follow along and join in and hope the journey is at least entertaining and informative if not educational.