The Big Equation: 2

At 11:22 A.M., the scent of torched coffee would begin to permeate throughout the room. Good lord, James would curse. Mary wouldn’t notice, or if she did she made no outward indication of it, except maybe a glance at her styrofoam cup, accompanied by an invisible plea for caffeine. Julie, who’s face was striped in the shadows of the blinds (one of which looked like a unibrow at the right angle, and would unsettle new guests when she would tilt her head, all the shadows distorting but with the new contours of her face, but not rotating along with it, excluding the hairy link between her eyes which diverged from the shadows and came along with her brow) would be only partway through the precursory material, perhaps one and a quarter 20x23 pages into her presentation.

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