The Year of Change

  1. Residence

Last night as I laid on my bed and could not fall asleep, I was trying to recall everything that delighted me in San Francisco. Does living less than two years there qualify me as a San Franciscan? I do not care. No matter how much people talk about the tech invaded SF, it is such an amazing place with great weather, cultures, food and people. Then we moved to the evergreen state — a place that we believe it’s better for the family. So far so good (except the rain and traffic). Well going to the mountains and Vancouver made me feel it’s all worth it!

2. Kids

Countless school tours and applying for SF schools was a nightmare. But when you did all that and got into a great school, and the next thing you know is moving to a new city. Back to zero. Oh and those swim lessons too. The kids never seem to care. I don’t want a nanny. Are there any professional kids’ education and ECA specialists for hire? Yeah, they grew bigger and smile bigger too. I guess that’s the only bright spot.

3. Mind and Body

Let it be. This phrase worked really well in 2015. Any planning would fall apart. The force of change kept pushing us to different directions. I stayed calm (I think). But I really want the Apple Watch/Microsoft Band/Fitbit to also track stress level and show how it fluctuates during the day. Correlates it to my heart rate, steps, food eaten, ClassPass data… and show me how I can be the healthiest person on earth!

One thing that does not change

I still miss home, even more so these days. Yes, I mean Hong Kong. Everywhere I go or stay when I see HK people, they are the same. I want this sameness to continue or get even better. 2016 is going to be a super-duper positive year for HK.

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