Fitness is hard.

I think we all can agree on this one. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for awhile now, it’s hard. You have to make changes in almost every aspect of your life and alter your way of thinking. Easier said than done, trust me. I’ve been on my fitness journey for about six years now and it’s had highs, lows, lower lows, and plateaus. It’s difficult to order a salad when you go out to a restaurant, especially when a big juicy burger is slapped right on the front cover of the menu (and let’s admit it, sometimes the juicy burger wins). It’s hard giving up our life-styles and our deliciously convenient fast food. It’s hard making time almost every day sweat like a pig at the gym. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. Here’s few things to remember on your journey:

Persistence. Even if you mess up, you have to keep moving forward. Sometimes we eat cupcakes for breakfast or get a little crazy at the buffet, its okay. As long as you keep going and learn from your mistakes. A healthy life-style doesn’t just happen over night, it takes a lifetime of commitment. Focus less on the little things and more on the big picture.

Discipline. Yes, I know you really, really, want some of the ice-cream your significant other has decided to selfishly eat in front of you (I mean don’t they know how hard this is already??). But, you have to stay strong. To clarify, no, I don’t think junk food is the devil. Many will tell you its okay to have a little bit here and there and I agree. What they don’t tell you is how easy it is for “a little” to turn into “a lot” or “every once in awhile” into “everyday”. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to stay on track. Especially if you know your discipline isn’t 100%.
Lifestyle and Balance. Don’t make your journey to a healthier you miserable. Enjoy the ride, I mean, it is a long one. Like I said before, fitness is a life-time commitment. Quick fixes and fad diets will only provide temporary results. Focus on your over-all health, mentally and physically. Stop trying to be perfect all at once and just try to be a little better everyday. Get into a routine and once you feel you have the discipline, allow yourself cheat meals. A cheat meal is anything you want, whether its funnel cake, nachos, french fries, or an ice-cream sundae for one meal, once a week. It’s kind of like rewarding yourself for a job well done. Although, just like any other reward, if you don’t deserve it you shouldn’t receive it. You’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days, Whatever day you’re having keep the balance. If you breakdown and eat your weight in [insert food weakness] don’t beat yourself up, Just work out a little harder during your workout that day. Additionally, if you know you won’t have time to workout very much during the week, you should be more mindful of what your eating since you won’t be burning any extra calories. Balance, balance, balance.

Love yourself. Daily I scroll through my social media feeds and I see these incredible pictures of fitness models, with their glistening abs and cellulite-less derrieres, and I usually sit there wishing I looked like them. I mean, nothing on them jiggles. Nothing. While I would love to believe I could someday look like those women, I know it will never happen. No matter how many hours spent working out or diets attempted, it simply isn’t in my genetics. I know, it’s a hard pill to swallow. If it isn’t in your genetics either, don’t let it discourage you. Love and nourish yourself anyways, you are still capable of having a stronger, healthier, leaner body. We have to realize that everyone can be fit, but not everyone’s fit looks the same.

I could probably keep writing forever on this topic, but ill stop there. For now. Be resilient in this journey, Don’t give up, and remember to kick ass.