A Thank You to A Friend.

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I sit here in my room in Santiago, Chile. It’s cold and as I look out my window all I see are concrete buildings and smog covering the city. Being Australian, I’m not used to this… But I suppose with anything in regards to becoming your truest self, there is no point in being used to anything, as everything is changing. In the beginning anyway…

That’s how it was for me. 2 years ago as I lay down on yet another bed, however this bed had a window that looked out onto bright blue skies and green lush trees in city of Sydney. My home. It was in that room 2 years ago that everything changed. Being your standard private school student, it was a normal scenario. I had finished my final year in 2010 and the year was now 2014. That time in between school was filled with booze, late nights and travel. Like taking mushrooms in Bali with you best mate, skiing down a knee deep powder run that warned you of avalanches and working for 12 hours a day under brutal sea conditions on the hunt for pearls, that time was filled with a multitude of experiences. Full of adventure, my god am I grateful for those times.

This was me… oh.. and did I mention I had dreads?

It was late 2013, that I made a small shift… it didn’t stem from anything. No significant drama in my life, no hardship that fuelled the fire, no instance that made me think…. “Ok, now I’ve got to get my shit together”. In fact… it was the simple act of a friend of mine that opened the flood gates to unlocking my potential.

His name is Chuck. In high school, Chuck’s nickname was Goof. He’s a classic example of a kid with ADHD. A pathway of destruction would accompany him in every scenario. By this I mean laughing with mates, causing a ruckus in the boarding house, throwing towels at fans and punching people out of humour. It was all in good spirit but man did he get annoying at times, especially if you were the person getting punched. During those days, I would have never have thought to bet on him being a race winning horse. It was the moment that I reconnected with him some 3 years down the track after school had finished. It was at some event, some birthday or maybe it was New Years Eve. You know how that happens. Everyone finishes school and you go different ways with groups sticking to themselves, going to college and others completely dropping of the side of the earth. I can’t specifically remember the event however all I do remember is that Goof, or better called Chuck, had made some serious initiative to make changes in his life for the better. He was still the same guy in terms of his funny antics and contagious energy however, he had an ambience about him that meant “I want more”. It was this ambience and the stature of him that I could sense he was onto something incredibly inspiring and something incredibly courageous of a man at his age, so… we kept in contact.

At that specific time, late 2013-early 2014, I was well into my weight training as I wanted to make some shifts in both my body and mind. Thankfully for me, Chuck was a Personal Trainer and had a important role at a local gym. This meant every Sunday now became the Pumping Iron day for us to hang, lift weights and talk Life. It became one of my most favourite days of the week. Sunday. What used to be a day of recovery and rest (by that I mean recovering from a serious hangover) now became a day early in the morning, filled with action and learning. It was as if we had created our own super-hub or mastermind that consisted of a total of 2 people.

Those 2 people had started of as 1. Chuck. One day he said to me “Mate, you’d love this book give it a read.” I replied “What’s it about?”. “It’s written by Robert Greene who is a master at human behaviour and specific rules to success.” Alrighty then…. I’m in. “Sure”. The book read “The 50th Law”. I had always been an open-minded guy and it was this one book that set the tone for the rest of my life. It was a book that was co-written by Robert Greene and 50 Cent. The theme of the book was based on the trait that 50 carried throughout his life to get him to where he was today. The trait that led him from ghetto to the hills of hollywood (I don’t actually know where he lives… but you get my point). It was this trait that I took in and attempted to mould as my own. That trait being Fearlessness.

“It shifted the whole direction of where I was going and I couldn’t thank Chuck enough. I am eternally grateful for him. Charles Allen-Price, if you are reading this right now I want to thank you.”

Sunday afternoon, 9am, Chuck picks me up. Singlet, shorts, runners and an attitude that’s reading to crush the day. We’re chatting away about the phenomenal aspects of what we we’re currently learning. For me, it was all about The 50 Law. For him, it was a book called Awaken The Giant Within by the one and only Anthony Robbins. This one, this book, this was the real mover in my life. It shifted the whole direction of where I was going and I couldn’t thank Chuck enough. I am eternally grateful for him. Charles Allen-Price, if you are reading this right now I want to thank you. The path that you opened me up to has completely changed the dynamic of how I operate and live my life.

This was the beginning… this is what started it all. A friend who took the first step in wanting to become a better person. Someone who said “No” to everyone else and told himself “I’m capable of more”.


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