NFL Preseason week 2

Preseason Week 2

With the new 2016 NFL Season underway, the 32 teams look much different than they did last season at this point. Thanks to HBO Hard Knocks, fans have a inside look at the LA Rams (which have recently returned to L.A.) and how the number one overall NFLDraft Pick Jared Goff is fighting for a starting spot. Goff has shown signs of brilliance but still looks like he will be riding the pine behind QB Chase Reynolds. The spotlight however has been shinning very bright on the talented RB Todd Gurley, especially with the HBO cameras capturing the behind the scenes action in Los Angles.

In other news, QB Robert Griffin III seems to be proving his worth as a starter and reminding fans that he should have been starting whenever he has been healthy. The Washington Redskins released Griffin after naming Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy to start in front of him. There’s no question that RGIII is more talented than both of those QB’s combined and I would be looking for another Cleveland Comeback story similar as the one found with Lebron James in the 2016 NBA Finals. Please note that I’m not comparing RGIII with Lebron James in any fashion except for a professional sports player that can take Cleveland to a Championship.

Another story that has the NFC East watching is Dak Prescott in Dallas where he has lit up the scoreboard for the Cowboys in both preseason games. Week 2, Prescott connected with Dez for 2 touchdown tosses and also ran two in making it look easy. The question is, is there a chance to take the starting role in Dallas since Tony Romo is obviously the number one. Considering that Tony Romo has a 68% chance of a re-injuring his back in 2016 and a 38% chance of finishing the season without missing any games, I would say that Prescott’s chances are looking great! My curiosity is leaning on first round draft pick, RB Ezekiel Elliott as he’s limping into the NFL in true Cowboys fashion.

These are just a few stories that I found worth noting in this blog, stay tuned for a more detailed account of the NFL from a fans point of view. We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors, Lighting By Veterans and Make It Rain Marketing.

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